I Am Sorry To Have Been Away So Long

It never seems that I have been away as long as I have until I see the date of my last post. I have become the worlds worst blogger and I apologize for that.

 I wish that I could say that I have just been too busy to post, but that is not it.

 My depression has kicked me in the Ass and it has been all that I can do just to get out and do what I have to do, then come back home and hide as much as I can from everybody. I have gotten out, went to Christmas parties and have gained 10 pounds since  wearing the only comfortable clothes that I had.

 I managed to do a little Christmas shopping, but not much. I decorated my house with snowmen, trees and other odds and ends. I even went downstairs and helped decorate the Residents tree, but I did not put up a tree this year. I promised to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my sister Linda and her family and I will go because I promised, not because I really want to go.

 I just cannot bring myself out of this dispair. I called and made an appointment with another dr. today. It is my hope that she can help me pull out of this.

 I hope everyone has a great Holiday season and I really do mean that. At least a part of me still has hope for others. TTYL


One thought on “I Am Sorry To Have Been Away So Long

  1. God! Depression is a horrible illness! I hope you have a good appt. with the doctor so that you don’t have to suffer so much. Thinking of you, my friend.

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