Return Of The Light

Spring Forth……  I can hardly wait for Spring. I am itching to see flowers bloom and the trees bud and hear the sound of Mother Nature calling in the form of the birds chirping and the bees buzzing and just all of the little sounds that make it Spring.

Late at night to listen to the crickets, frogs and the little rustles in the bushes. To smell the faint scent of the roses, the night jasmine, the honeysuckle and the smell of fresh cut grass. I want to sit in the sun and drink a cold beer from a frosty bottle, wear big sunglasses and a floppy hat and stick my hands deep into the soil and turn the earth and plant seeds that will sprout and grow.

I am ready!

Sunday the 2nd I will be having a tea. My sister gave me a really great cake stand in the pastel colors of purple, pink, blue and green. Along with the plates, server and the cups. There will be 4 of us. I am really not sure about one lady that is coming. I didn’t invite her, another friend did that and I was kind of like “Oh” but what could I say? Uninvite her? Well yeah I could and it is my party and she should have consulted me, but she didn’t and so I will deal with it.

It isn’t that I don’t like this lady. I do, but I am not so sure that I want her here at my Imbolc celebration. I am discreet and she is a gossip. I can hear it now…… in hushed whispers……. “Did you know that Beth is a Witch?”

” She has a wand and everything!”

“She has celebrations and who knows what she does on a full moon.”

So yes I am a little hesitant.

On the other hand I am going to enjoy myself and have fun with my friends and just be.

And that my friends is my plan…. Blessed Be


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