Insomnia Is So Tiring

I can’t sleep. Not unusual but if I really did need some sleep then it is tonight. Morning now, almost 2:00 am…. I have to be up at 5:00 am and headed to Dallas at 5:30 am. And I am wide awake. My body is tired but my mind is as alert as ever.

I haven’t had much time to do much of anything. I have a neighbor that is fairly stalkish. She comes to my house and stays forever. I feel bad when I ignore her, I know that it is rude but dang it, she should understand when I put my Do Not Disturb sign on my door that it means what it says. So if she ignores it and I don’t answer then she phones me, and if I don’t answer then here come the texts. I refuse to shut off my phone, so sometimes it is easier to deal with her directly.

And that annoys me!

And when I get annoyed then I get pissy….

Then I get mad

Then I tend to get rude and ugly and I hate being like that.

She has made some enemies here just by the way that people see her treating me.  Plus she got a new dog and that dog keeps peeing in my house.  He doesn’t pee in her house, just mine. He is marking his territory or something but it has to stop.

Also get this. I have invited her to dinner several times. I make nice meals. Meat Loaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls and a veggie….. or something hearty and filling. Fried Chicken and the works, or Chicken Fried Steak and the works…  She invited me to dinner night before last and gave me a frozen tv dinner. I got my choice…. chicken and noodles or meat loaf. I chose the meat loaf. Then I came home and made myself a bowl of cereal. I think that I will eat before I accept any more dinner invitations.


I know that this is a shitty subject but she walks from her apartment to mine to use the bathroom. Seriously? I came a little ticked over that and pointed it out and asked…. “Why do you come to my house to take a dump or piss?” I was angry with her anyway and she just left her apartment and walked into my house to use the bathroom. She is a mooch and I figured it out that she doesn’t want to use her toilet paper! Mine is free or so she thinks. It saves her money and toilet paper is cheap until I have to start buying double. And Kleenex…. I gave her a box thinking that she would stop using mine. I went thru 3 boxes this month. Before I met this chick, 3 boxes would last me 3 months.


She just assumes that my Casa is her Casa. Drives me F***King nuts. Some one was knocking at my door the other day and she said to them… “Oh just go on in, you don’t have to knock..” Says Who? So now I lock my door.

So this is a Bitch fest. I needed this time to just vent and I thank you in advance to listen to me whine…. Blessed Be


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