Counting Chickens Before They Hatch

Just the title sounds depressing right? Well I have the power issues with the apartment worked out but as usual there is a major problem that could spell Doom to my moving.

I am on Social Security Disability and the Govt. says that I am disabled and gives me X dollars a month to live on.

Now if the Govt. says I am disabled and gives me a letter that says that I am disabled then why the HELL will the Apartment Managment not accept said letter?

They want this stupid letter filled out by my doctor and since he is new he has not gotten all of my records and will not fill it out. My dr. in Arkansas will not fill it out because he did not have anything to do with my initial disability claim. The Social Security will not help in sending me a letter stating WHO the person who approved that I was disabled because they do not have that paperwork and cannot tell me who does.

The best that they can do is send me a copy of my original medical records which determined that I was a canidate for SSI and that will take a month.

I have basically begged for this lady to waive this letter she requires and accept my letter from Social Security Administration but she will not. Now if the letter is good for others then why not good enough for her?

I should have known that things were going just a little too smooth for me. My life does not work that way. No the simplest things is like wading in Caramel Quick Sand. Barely impossible to move one damn foot one damn step ahead.

I seriously do not know what to do. I am about ready to stop the disability and find work, but I also know my body and I am scared that I cannot hold out for a daily job like I use too. I am tired of not knowing what to do next.

But it is out of my control. I know at this point that I have done all that I can do. I have an appointment wednesday with another dr. and I really hope that he will sign this paper. It is all I can hope for at this time.

Still I am not giving up hope. It is all I have left to hang on to right now.



2 thoughts on “Counting Chickens Before They Hatch

  1. Darn it! Why can’t you get a break?! Your health does not warrant that you work and it’s shame that you don’t have the paperwork you need to get into that apartment. I’m going to hope that somebody will help you out here!

  2. I just do not know why everything has to be so complicated. I mean the letter is from the Social Security Dept. Go figure.
    I am going to a dr. on Wednesday and perhaps he will have some answers if nothing else and if that does not work I am going to go to the very top of the housing authority and find out if they can help me since it is there paper work that is involved.
    My brain just will not shut down. I feel exhausted.

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