Too Excited For My Own Good

So on Thursday I will know all of the details on my apartment. I have already seen it. It is small but plenty big enough for me. When I walk into the door I walk into the kitchen, and I am amazed at the storage space. Across from the kitchen is also a pantry and a small closet. The living room will hold a full set of living furniture, and also a dining table and chairs. Down the hall and to the right is a bedroom that has a large closet and will hold a Queen size bed, end tables and dresser. But it is the bathroom that I really like. Another closet in the small hallway and then the bathroom which is large enough to accomodate a wheel chair if necessary.

It is on the 3rd floor and has a washer and dryer facility, and a trash bin. All glass needs to be seperated but other than that it is just down the shoot it all goes.

My mother lived there for a few years so I am well aware of the pros and cons. The pros first.

When it was first built it was a retirement like facility for senior citizens. Hence the large bathroom and rooms so that one could move around fairly easy if handicapped. Today it is an apartment based on people that are disabled but there are no age limits.

It has security, the doors lock and guests will be able to come and go until 5:00pm but everyone has to sign in and they are rigid about that procedure. After that then the tenant will either have to meet you downstairs or buzz you in.

The main floor/lobby is beautiful. It is a common area and has sofa’s, chairs, and decorated in a homey and friendly way that is not stuffy, but fairly elegant. Each floor has it’s own lobby and sitting room. Mine is done in light green and pinks. Beautiful flower arrangements are scattered everywhere and I noticed that it is also a meeting place. Everyone was very friendly and I am sure that I will have a lot of great conversations there.

I am also in walking distance to where ever I need to go and if not then they have a shuttle that comes everyday to take us where ever we need to go. And of course they have a full calendar to be taken advantage of.

First is the hair dresser that comes on Mondays that does hair, manicures and pedicures. They have luncheons once a week. Potluck, and then they have some kind of game or a movie. They have bingo night, and they have dance night.

It will be like living in a fancy nursing home in a way but not exactly. I like the fact that they offer these amenities. Also their is a full library and cozy reading areas, vending machines and a small eating area in the main lobby that has easy access. I don’t know how much I will participate in all of these things but just knowing that they are there will be nice.

In January they are going to have a quilting class and a painting class. I might join in the quilting since I have always wanted to do that.

Now for the cons which are not many.

There is no balcony or patio. The lighting on my side of the building is not that great. Unless there is something wrong with my apartment then I cannot change to a different one if an opening comes up without putting up a $300.00 dollar deposit but that is ok because I will stay right where I am at.

I do miss the fact that I will not have access to a patio or balcony to sit and have my morning coffee or eat outside. They have a pretty space in the back of the building with picnic tables and such, but no real shade in case of bad weather or the heat. But I can live with that. So other than that every thing else is good.

I really like the fact that I can walk just about any place that I want to go. That alone is going to be a great benefit because I need to walk as much as possible.

I have to get stuff… I am sure that I mentioned that most of my stuff was stolen when I was with my daughter after my surgery, but that is ok. Who ever stole it must have needed it more than myself is the way that I look at it. I have started over before and can and will do it again.

With all of my family I have no need for dishes and such. But there are things that I want and I have been doing some window shopping so to speak.

It is the colors that I just can’t decide on. My comforter is a deep teal and chocolate and a part of me wants to take those colors into the bathroom, but another part says no, do something that is totally opposite.

I just don’t know. I do know that I want something colorful and cheerful and something that will be fun.

So I am totally excited and totally ready to move in today because the anticipation is just kicking me in the butt. It is like waiting for the final days of Christmas so I can see what is under the tree!!

I have to call her first thing in the morning because I am not sure what electric company they use and every one that I check out online says that there is a problem with that address not showing up in their data base, so I need to talk to her about that and my sisters work schedule changed so I have to move my appointment from Wednesday to Thursday and I cannot sign the lease until the electric is on. So… I have to get busy so I can have it taken care of so they do not lease the apartment out to someone else.

But I am not thinking that way. That apartment is mine. I hope. It should be alright depending on the deposit and connection fee.

Well I am off here to look at some decorating magazines and web pages. Gotta get those creative juices flowing!! TTYL


2 thoughts on “Too Excited For My Own Good

  1. Oh thanks Kathy, I am beside myself really. I have been online all day posting to pinterest. Geeze I wish that I had really looked at that site a long time ago and now I am totally hooked. I feel good, really good. For the first time in months I have things to look forward to and I am striving to be healthier. My sugar is doing amazing and I feel like actually getting up and going out every day.
    How are you? I really hope that you will come to Texas one day so we can meet. Just wait until I get my teeth lol and that is the next major thing on my list. Giving Careful Hugs to you!!

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