Help! Pinterest Addiction

Who would have thought that I would become addicted to Pinterest? OMG I have to stand up and admit it. I have spent hours looking and looking and pinning… I am sure that everyone will be sick of me in no time.

Oh and the stuff that is pinned!! I have never laughed so much at some of things, or seen so much food that made my mouth water and me hungry as if I had not eaten in years.

I needed something to take my mind off of things. My sisters are leaving for Jamaica in 2 days and I am going to miss them but so happy that they are able to go some place for 10 days to have fun in the sun.

Stupid shellfish allergy won’t allow me to go and do the sun and surf thing. Stupid shellfish allergy won’t let me do a lot of fun stuff.

So I will kiss them bye and tell them that I love them and for them to have fun. I will wish them well on their vacation.

In the mean time I am trying to decide if I want to read or sleep. I am tired. I played too long on pinterest and on facebook. I am playing Resort World. I was playing it on my phone and my phone gave up the ghost the other day so I had to abandon my game and wow was I happy to find it on facebook. It was a different name, but same game. It is played a little different on the computer than my phone, but better actually.

Well that’s it. I plan to spend tomorrow watching True Blood. I have the last 2 episodes to see and that is it until the next season. I don’t think that I can survive without my True Blood! Well I guess I can but I do not like it.

Time to find my jammies and something to snack on. TTYL


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