I Barely Skimmed The Surface

I promised myself that 2014 was going to be a year of Positive Glowing and Happy Posts. Maybe I will get there but not tonight or almost this morning. It is late but I just got back from a Gab fest with a couple of friends and a few topics came up that irked me and I ended up showing my Rearing Ugly Head. I won’t go into them but let me just say that I do not care the  about the color of a man’s skin. I care about the job that he does for our country. I don’t care if you get food stamps or welfare, but I want you to be deserving of it. Is that so wrong to want? So I am peeved and I know that it is just my opinion, but damn it my opinion counts too. I have seen too many people in need turned down when needing help and know of one woman in particular that is drawing the max and bragging about it.

I have seen people in a flood lose everything and FEMA grossly abused by fraudulent claims. I see my sister needing to receive Medicaid to have a serious surgery only to be told that she makes $40.00 a month too much. Quit your job she was advised!!! She would lose all that she has and no way to put food on her table or a place to live for $40.00 a month. Everyone deserves medical treatment.

I have seen people with Mental Health Issues living on the streets, no one caring about them or letting them slide thru the cracks because they do not know where or how to seek treatment and are discriminated against because of a mental illness.

It is WRONG and yeah I am peeved. Actually I am PISSED.

I was barely in bed last night when it hit me that I did not blog about the other stressers stressing me out. Like My Aide that decided she would turn in hours saying she worked that she didn’t. Nice huh? More on that subject at a later time. It is too late tonight but it is still a big factor in my life.

Also the Power Company that I cannot get thru to pay my bill because no real person is on the other end of the line. I tried to log into my account but it wouldn’t allow me access. I tried paying with my debit card to be told that it was an invalid card. After 3 times it locked me out. I spent 2 1/2 hours and finally got thru, paid the darn thing and made a complaint. Then today I get a call from them wanting to know when I planned to pay the bill…. ballistic I was but I held it together and got thru that!

I am still worried about my daughter that is pregnant but she called today and says she is a little better. Just tired and ready for Dante to be born. My little granddaughter is so sweet. She called me to tell me that she does not mind sharing the baby with her mommy, daddy and brother but I am her Na-Na and she was not sharing him with me. Kids are so funny…..

I am going to post one of my latest pictures of them. Dante is the one who has his hands over his face lol.1044310_3419810271072_1162432747_n397795_3049291848343_1103165245_n Adrian and Cathy are the oldest and Dante should be here on or before Feb.1st 2014.

I am going to end this on a happier Note. Good Night! Blessed Be!!


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