I Am So Happy With Good Reason

1012924_3773902363153_1579843378_n Before I start my post, please meet my newest grandson. He was born at 2:35 January 11th. Dante Angelus Hernandez weighed in at 6lbs and 8oz. We were expecting a much smaller little man but he surprised us. I wish that I could hold that little man in my arms and shower him with Na-Na kisses.

He came 3 weeks early to the day. He was not suppose to be here until Feb 1st, but he decided he didn’t want to wait that long. Laurie had a hard time with this pregnancy and she woke up on the 11th feeling well rested, (a plus) and had plenty of sleep and had decided that the day was going to be really productive. And guess what. It was. A few hours later she called to say that she thought that her water broke. It was not fully broken, thankfully she waited until she got to the hospital for that to happen.

Anyway he is here, Laurie had a fast delivery when they finally started the Pitocin to start the inducing process. She had 3 good contractions and he was born. His daddy was able to cut the cord and be with him. This is his first time to be able to have experienced the birth of one of his children.

Laurie just called and they had taken Dante in for his circumcision and so we talked until they brought him back to her. I didn’t hear him cry so hopefully he isn’t in much pain. They might get to go home tonight but probably in the morning. She said that she can feel her milk coming in.

Adrian and Cathy are at McDonalds with Aunt Karyn and Laurie said that they actually was able to upload a picture on facebook so I am off to check on fb so I can scrap it. Blessed Be and ttyl.


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