And My Heart Goes Pitty Pat

I met this guy and I have started feeling fun again. It does not mean that I do not love my guy, I do very much, but I do not see us having a future together and I am not looking for someone to have a future with, but it is nice to be able to have a nice conversation with someone that is intelligent, witty and funny.

 I love getting the little text messages that says Hi, the shy way that he says my name, the little things that make my day. I am not seeking an intimate relationship and that is what I like about this guy. He isn’t either. It is friendship and when I say that my heart goes pitty pat I am not saying that butterflies are in my tummy, my hands are sweaty and I can’t string two words together. But it is a great feeling to know that someone is thinking of me.

I have not been feeling so grand lately. My head spins a lot lately and I feel dizzy. I am thinking that my blood pressure meds are behind that. I will call my dr. tomorrow. I need to find out my test results anyway although I know that they are not going to be good. My sugars are still running over 200 and on the high side at that. Stress will cause blood pressure to go up as well as my sugar and I cannot wait for the holidays to be over because as much as I love them, they do tend to stress me out. I am just buying for my neices and nephews and grandkids and I still have 5 neices and nephews to buy for and then the 3 grandkids. Can I say Cookies!!!!!

 Matt spent a couple of days with me. Thanksgiving, then he went home, came yesterday and left this morning, so it is lonely now. He cooked me breakfast this morning and it was really nice. Surprised me with an omelet, toast and coffee. I have been saying all week that I am going to clean my fridge and today I really mean it. It is one of my least favorite things to do. I got the bathroom and my bedroom cleaned, vacummed and dusted as well as the bathroom done.

 I need to sit down and go over my budget and get a few letters in the mail and tackle the kitchen so I better get off and get busy. TTYL


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