Early Thanksgiving

The Holidays are here again. It seems like it was just yesterday that I celebrated my first Thanksgiving and Christmas here in my then new apartment.

It has been a season of trials and adjustments for me. First off this place that I now call home is the first home that I have ever had that I did not share with another. From my fathers house to my husbands house to the house I shared for many years with the man that I loved to a place of my own. I have come a long way in the space of mere months.

There are things that I had to adjust to. Sleeping alone, preparing meals just for myself, learning to live the life as a person alone faces. Last year I had Matthew here with me to share the holidays. It was a good time yet it was also a sad time. We were not with any of our family. Just he and I and yet even if it was lonely with out the kids and grandkids, Matt and I made it special. We were able to see Alex open his Christmas box and in that we found great joy. Laurie took pictures of Adrian and Cathy and at some point of the day we managed to talk to everyone.

Matthew is now in Reno with Alex and his fiancé Courtney. Karyn and Joe are in their little apartment and Jonathan and Nathan are in theirs in Austin. Laurie and Dave are in Austin/Round Rock area. I don’t plan to travel this Christmas. I toyed with going to Reno and then maybe Austin, but in the end I decided that I am staying home this year.

Tomorrow our apartment complex is having our yearly Thanksgiving Day dinner. My sister Sharon and her husband Raymond are coming to share with me. Then on Thursday I will go to their house for Thanksgiving dinner. Not sure what the kids have planned other than Laurie and Dave and they are spending it in San Antonio at Sea World.

Cathy turned 5 today. It seems like just yesterday she was in my arms and fussing and I would turn on the radio and would hold her to me and we would dance, and dance and dance. She would settle down, snuggle right in and fall to sleep with the music and motion. Their seems to be a bit of magic in a grandmother that she administers to her little angels. Or at least I think so. No matter what mom or dad says, they are angels in my eyes.

Tomorrow is a big day. I have to decide yet on what I plan to take to the dinner. Italian Seasoned Potato’s for one and some Sweet Potato Muffins for another. I will have to decide in the morning what to make for the last dish.

Happy Holidays to you all….. Blessed Be


My Holiday Tea That I Planned

Things are so crazy sometimes. I went to the website since I could not locate the teas at my local Wal-Mart so I figured ok I will use the store locater and I found them. They gave me the address and the phone number. Imagine my surprise when I called and it was Wal-Mart lol. No big deal, I will just order them online directly. I will have to do this Dec 1st and hope that they arrive in time for our party. If not well…. there are other teas out there if I get into a jam.

It is to be a Cookie Exchange and Holiday Tea combined. Someone suggested finger sandwiches and chips and dips but I suggested that we just stick to the scones, cookies and tea. If someone wants to bring finger foods I will not object. I think that it is going to be fun all the way around.

Oh that reminds me. I need to add wax paper to my already growing list.

I went out with one of my guys last night. We met up with another friend of ours and had a great time, but as the night wore on, he started feeling sick, then she started feeling sick and I am all full of myself thinking I was all good because I did not eat any of the seafood… read severely allergic…. I should not have even gone but I did. It was an Asian all you could eat buffet.  They raved about the food and I am trying desperately just to get thru what I had put on my plate. (I have had much much better).

So my plate did not hold any kind of shrimp, lobster, crawfish (eeeek) clams, crabs, mussels or oysters. And I sat as far as I could away from them as the large round table allowed.  I had chosen cabbage, squash, yellow and zucchini, tomato’s, pineapple, mushrooms, onions, carrots and broccoli and teriyaki sauce and had it stir fried with coconut oil.  It was alright but not the greatest. While my pals was scarfing down everything that had heads and tails, I did enjoy the meal as I listened to them talk and laugh.

On the way back to my girlfriends house she began to complain of stomach cramps. I told her I would have stomach cramps too if I had consumed as much heads and tails and all in between as she had. Then about an hour later he actually started turning green around the gills. By the time that he dropped me off at my house all he wanted to do was go home and throw up.

I was counting lucky stars by the time that I made it to my apartment. I completed a few tasks and went to bed and woke up at 4:30 feeling sick. I did not puke praise be but OH I WANTED TO….  I am feeling much better now but the other two are not answering my phone calls or texts so not sure how they are doing. I hope they are ok. Unusual for the both of them not to pick up or text back.

Anyway I am exhausted so I think that I will have some lunch and sleep for a while….. Blessed Be…..

What do I write about today?

It is a new day, Sunday is here and I am using this day to relax and unwind from a busy week and yet prepare myself for the week ahead.

 I am suggesting a new idea that I have had in the back of my mind for the last few days but just now the idea was just born to the Council or the Way and Means committee. I have been looking for something for the residents here to do as in activities. We play Bingo, have arts and crafts and a lot of pot lucks but now we are now searching for something different.

 I know that for the holidays we will have a cookie exchange which I love, but I am not a true baker when it comes to baking cookies. I love them and love the designs but mine look a little…. sad. That is the best word that I can come up for the way that my cookies look.

 But I do have a talent that is so easy that even the non crafty or skilled baker can do. So here is my idea.

 I am thinking of hosting a Holiday Tea, served with scones, dripping with butter and honey.

Celestial Seasonings has a whole array of teas that are just perfect. From Wellness teas to Chai Teas to Holiday Blends, they have it all.


 Check out the teas for more than just holidays but for other areas in your life. Herbal Teas and Green Teas are just a small part of their selection and I have been a tea drinker since I was 18 and have never found a blend that I love more than this one.

 We are drinkers here of Coffee and Teas so this should be a great event. I am so excited. I know that this will go over with the council because the council loves to host these kind of events.

 When I lived in Nevada, we had a tea house. It was an older house and each room save the kitchen was redone in a different era. We had the 1800’s room, the 1920’s room and so forth up to the 50’s. They had clothing to match for parties as well, say for example a Bridal Shower. Hats were big as well as shawls and they had a lady who would take pictures if you provided the camera.

 They offered different packages for different occasions, from a private tea to a community tea. And in the Spring, the gardens and out door tables were so beautiful.

 My girlfriend and I had a tea for her mother for Mother’s Day and her Birthday which were close together. We had such a blast and she was just blown away by the event. For $30.00 we had 4 pots of tea, a platter of finger sandwiches and a platter of scones. We wore hats and had pictures taken and they even baked the birthday cake for us. Just a small one done in white and yellow and lavender icings. Instead of a candle we used a sparkler.

 I can see us doing the same here starting with just the Holiday Tea. and perhaps having one done for Spring and late Summer. The money should not be a problem because we host fundraisers all year long. The tea is not expensive so 4 or 5 nice blends plus regular blends for the fussy tea drinkers and even perhaps coffee as well.

 The sandwiches will be easy and simple, and I can even buy Scones at the store now where we can just break off and pop into the oven to bake.

 I have tons of red and green table cloths and napkins and the council always has other things that we can use like paper plates and forks, knives and spoons. Decorations and so on.

 So that is my latest idea that I have had hatching. It has been simmering for a while now. I started thinking of this last month because my girlfriend and I approached several people here about a dinner club. Very small. 6 is the limit. The rules are as follows….

 1. The food has to be created from real cooking. Not to say that we can’t use ingredients already made like Spaghetti sauce but that we shall not serve Hamburger Helper.

 2. We will rotate so no one gets stuck with the entrée or most expensive part of the meal every month.

 3. We will vote on the next meal theme at the end of our dinner so everyone will have a choice of what to serve as their dish at the next meal. (We are doing Italian for the first dinner in January).

 4. We will welcome new ideas as time goes on for themed dinners like dressing for the occasion. Our President here is Mexican and she loves putting on a feast and dresses for the occasion. But we will not go to our dinner night dressed in jeans or sweats. It will be an actual time to dress up for the night and enjoy.

 I have been super busy but hopefully today I can just kick back and relax. I need to catch up on some correspondence and make some phone calls today. I also need to clean my house and work on my Wicca journal.

 I am gypsygirl1011 if anyone wants to join me.

 Have a great day and Blessed Be……..


Thanks Allen

For the last 8 months I have not been able to get into my account.  After spending several frustrating hours and days, I just gave up. Moved on to other things. But today I received in my email my friend Allen’s notification… (HI Allen) and after threatening to throw the damn computer out the window, it magically let me in.

It could be Majik. I have not done a reading to see what the cards says about my troublesome blog, but perhaps I should. And you know what gets me? Nothing has ever been changed regarding my passwords. I am not a changer in that area. I do not have a great memory in that area so I keep it simple and know that it is the right password but really get aggravated when it refuses to let me in, says Error…. WTF???? Anyway I will see how long this one will allow me to enter as I please!

I have news!!!! Lots of news…. Here is a picture for you. Meet Dante Angelus….  He will greet our presence either late January or early February. We are so excited. Love this picture of him as if he is saying…. “Go Away” lol.

I am so excited for him to get here. He is going to be one spoiled little boy! But we do not mind. I was very worried when I found out that Laurie was expecting again. I knew that she and David had talked about having another baby but not for a few more years. They were wanting to buy a house and do a few things, but he surprised us all. We were not even sure that Laurie could get pregnant after her last miscarriage but Dante is proving that she could indeed.

1044310_3419810271072_1162432747_n I am staying busy, on the Council here and I do like it here. I just miss having my own yard. I may move across town. I am seriously thinking about it. I would at least have a yard to plant a garden and I will be needing certain herbs.

I have always been curious about things in my life and little by little I have really been gravitating to a totally different way of life. Years actually have led me to where I am now. One day at a time, one thought, one feeling and one decision at a time.

I am taking this winter as a sabbatical of sorts. I will work on my inner strengths as well as weaknesses’ and do a lot of soul searching. By the first of Spring I believe that I will have a good and strong foundation ready  to begin the life that I feel that I was meant to live.

I will also start a new blog. One that will be of a different feel as well as a different journey.

I am Wiccan.

No I am not a worshiper of Satan. No we do not sacrifice and drink the blood of human or animals. No I am not belonging to any Coven. I am a Solitary Practitioner. How ever the appeal of a Coven does interest me, I know that right now, it is not the right time for me.

Everyday I learn something new. Everyday I learn something new about myself, our planet and nature. I learn about the past, the present and if I do not see my future clearly, (Who Can, right?) then at least I feel the contentment and peace that I have longed for.

I have so much to blog about right now. I am filled with so much emotion and for once it is not all of these confused bits and pieces that I am trying desperately to make sense out of. Temperance, Patience and Love combined helps me see things much more intensely as I travel my road to where it may lead me.

Until later, Blessed Be…..


@#$# Blankety Blank Men

I wish that I could say that I have been so busy that I have not had time to blog, but that would not be true. What is true is that I am sick of being broke and I have been seriously husband hunting…. That sounded terrible but it is sort of the truth.  I am juggling men like a professional juggler juggles those things that they juggle.

 Meet John. John is a very nice man that owns his own contract with a gas and oil company. He works 6 month contracts, his main home is in Philadelphia. He is cute in his little too quiet way. Very refined. You know how Old Money can do that to a person. He assures me that I do not have to attend the Opera and that I can shop til I drop! My own credit cards, car, travel, or not to travel. I cannot and do not wish to travel with him on his current job which he will be leaving for Africa in the near future. Like in a couple of weeks. He has been a very busy man and this past week it has been hit and miss with the phone calls, texts and emails. Our dates have been nice and serene and he goes all out to make me feel special. John is a very possible candidate for a husband.


 Shawn lives close to me, but it seems of late that he is always working. Plus he is the sole caregiver of his young granddaughter due to an accident in which he lost both his wife and daughter several years ago. At first I was like YEP you want a live in Nanny with Perks. I have taken Shawn very slowly. Lots and lots of questions have risen over the past couple of months when I am juggling him and John. Would I be interested, really interested in sharing my life with a small child again? Oh I can see myself spoiling her rotten. That is not a problem. She is such a sweet little thing, and I do like the fact that he cares for her and does not pawn her off on others when it is convient for him to do. She is very much a part of his life and beginning to be a big part of mine.

 The only big draw back with Shawn is the fact that he does not seem to think that school is that important. If he has to travel then he packs her up and carts her off with him. I am not sure that I like that but I see that he has trust issues when it comes to her. And he is from the Old Country. Italy.  He does not have family here anymore. He owns a beautiful home not far from me and while he is not rich, he does better than okay. He is very romantic, like John, opens car doors and presents me with roses (yellow) and I love the sound of his deep laughter. I like his broken english as well and I love the way that he just is so goofy. He makes me laugh and I always seem to smile when I think of him or get emails or texts for no reason. He is not as refined as John but he is fine.

 He is also confusing. One minute I think that we are doing something and the next, he has jumped a plane and taken off. He does not hesitate when it comes to work. If his company needs him, he is gone. Just like that. I have to  admit that I am not too happy about that. But I also know that our relationship is new and his work has been his lifeline since he lost his wife and daughter. He will be out of state Easter but I expect something fun from him today to arrive. Probably flowers since I told him that candy is not my friend.

Then there is Jack…. OMG what can I say about Jack?

 He too is a work a holic…. As of today, he is also catching a plane. Headed to Maryland for a road job. Jack is Eye Candy. He spent his formative years in Belgium. He isn’t even sure how he went from there to Texas. Well he does, but it isn’t an issue for him. He has family all over the place.

 Jack is a little bit…. flighty, scattered brained and absent-minded, like me so we do have that in common. He is also 9 years younger than I am. That has been an issue for me. He don’t care if I am 60. He has worked hard finishing school and he has finished his Masters and he is very happy. But he is so forgetful. We will be talking, he gets a call and forgets I am on the other line. He forgets to call me when things change, and he forgets a lot of things. But damn it he is just too sexy for his own good.

 Of all of them, I am leaning towards Shawn, but I do not want to give up John or Jack. Why can’t I just have them all? Because our Society says that I can’t and that is that.

 So I have been busy. That is why I am not blogging. John, Shawn and Jack are the best Therapy in the world, I even told my Therapist about them. She now believes that I am troubled I am sure. Commitment Phobic! No she has not said anything but I have seen the looks that she has given me.

 My depression on the whole seems to be better right now. I have so much to do that I really have no time for it. Not that I am not aware of it deep down. I know it is there. It never goes into a deep slumber. I have to work hard to maintain my sense of balance. I have trouble with lack of order these days.

 I also have issues with my help. I am going to have to make a complaint against yet another worker and I really would like to avoid that issue. But the fact is that she is not doing her job properly and does shoddy work. I am not sure if she is on some drugs, or she could be pregnant. The signs are there. Or maybe both, who knows, but something is going on with that girl. For the most part I think that she is just lazy. How hard is it to clean a 1 bedroom efficiency apartment? I am not a slob. I use to be, but I have reformed. I just cannot get down on my hands and knees and scrub like I use to. I do all of the other stuff. I am supposed to let her do it, but she does it so badly that I save myself from the aggravation.

 I gotta go. It is almost time for Shawn to call me. TTYL.

Really Did I Just Sleep Away 2 Days Of My Life?

Obviously I did. I went to the doctor because I had to see my mental health specialist this week and I told him I needed sleep. He gave me this little yellow pill called Doxe-Pin HCL 50 mg and sleep I have done. So far I am sleeping so much that it is unreal. I took the pill at 8pm and did not get up today for more than a bathroom trip and a quick trip to words with friends and to check my farm and I was out again. I only got up at 6pm tonight under duress. My friend called and was coming over to check on me.

 No more pretty yellow pills for me. I cannot half them because they are capsules. I will just deal with no sleep until I can make an appt. to see him again.


Whew Have I Been Busy

We have 24 hours in a day and I am so busy that I do not know my name. What with all of the Farm Town games I have going, My Resort World, Words With Friends, and the many other internet time consumers, is it any wonder that I haven’t posted. Oh and I forgot to add Playtime with my new BOYFRIEND…. Yes I got one.

 My heart is still stuck on the one that is in jail. I will always love him but he made me promise that I would not just sit and wait on him and I am not. My new guy is … well he is just too darn cute. I robbed the cradle so to speak. I am 9 years older than him but he doesn’t care even tho I had a hard time with it at first, but I am over that. We talk, we text, and we do a lot of kisssssing. We cuddle and we have one long kisssss at the end of our date time. And he goes home.

 No talk of forever, no L word, no talk of co-habitating, no talk of mushy stuff.

 We have a lot in common. We are both Libras, we both love our big families, we have the same interests when it comes to outdoor activities, and we are both diabetics so we know how to look out for each other. We are both into all the holidays and love to travel and go places but we can just chill in front of the tv and be fine with it.

 There are a couple of glitches tho. Isn’t there always? First off I thought that I was shy. Well he is really super shy. No personal contact in public and that is a groaner for me since I am a toucher. And he is really punctual which can be annoying when he calls and says “What cha doing baby?” and I say “nothing what are you doing?” and he says, “I am downstairs waiting for you to buzz me in.”

 The other day he caught me in one of my depressed moments. No shower, no makeup, just me and my nightgown. He laughed. I am still not sure if it was a laugh with me or  laugh at me. But I took a shower while he played on his computerized phone.

 Anyway I am going to ride this pony til I fall off. For as long as it lasts I will enjoy this relationship. I know he has the potential to break my heart, but that is the risk that I take and he said that I could just as easily break his. So it is a gamble.

 But the way that he talks to me sends shivers up and down my spine. Nothing in the world sounds so good as when he whispers something sweet in my ear in spanish and I have NO idea what he said but it makes my toes curl……..TTYL