It Is All About The New Year or Not….

2014 didn’t sneak up on me. I had as much time as everyone on the planet did to know that it was coming. What threw me was the fact that I have been so sick with the flu/virus or virus/flu. (No one really knows what the shit I had was actually called) and the cyst in my kidney that has doubled in size and the frigging esophagus sphincter thingie that has to be replaced not to mention 1 scope and 2 er visits, the latter occurring on Christmas Day, I totally lost track of time.

Hell who am I kidding? I could barely get off the couch for longer than it took to go pee. I was crabby and filled with grumpiness that would make the Grinch look like an Angel. I can first say that there were various contributing factors to my ill manners and my mental state of mine. Not sure where I should start first but I feel that some venting is in order for now.

I guess I can start with what is hitting me hardest at the moment. And that would be………..

I have a new neighbor that does not know boundaries.

She thinks that it is fine to visit all day every day and so I had a Do Not Disturb Sign made for my door and she got all pissy about it…. Well so the fuck what…. It is my door and if I don’t want company that is my right. I pay the rent here telling me that I can be open or closed, to leave me the effin alone if that is what I want and yeah I want that.

She sees nothing wrong with snooping thru my stuff and yesterday I told her…. your overstepping your boundaries. My purse is off limits. We went to eat and she reached over to “taste” my Margarita and boy I set her straight… Order your own, I am not I repeat NOT drinking after you. If I loan her something then she thinks that I gave it to her.

I cut her some slack. She was trampled in the head by a horse when she was in the rodeo. I am sorry that happened to her. Then 2 months ago she woke up and her boyfriend was in bed beside her Dead… That would be enough to send me off my rocker too, but I have to do something or I will go nuts. All I had ever done was say hello to the woman and it is like she IMPRINTED on me like a duck or a turkey…. I am like…. WTF???

She has to do everything that I do, buy everything that I do, snoop thru my stuff when she thinks I am not looking, gets pissy because I need some privacy.

(WARNING)…. Be careful who you smile and be friendly with and say hello to. You might just have someone that thinks that your THEIR property.

I broke a nail today…. Whahhhhh and boo hoo… still it screwed up my manicure. Least of my problems.

My daughter called me and said that they are testing her and watching her for Pre-eclampsia so naturally I am worried about her and the baby and then I find out tonight some other disturbing news that I just cannot talk about right now.  In due time. I am sure I will need to blog about it, I just can’t do it right now.

This has just been a crappy day and I am just so tired. I have not had a way to the damn local wal-mart here and so I have been off my meds 3 days and feel a major ass panic attach arising in the distance. I called my sister and she told me that she would carry me to the store tomorrow…. Thank Goodness for small favors. I miss my car!!!!

Things have been very hard emotionally for me the past few days, especially the month of December and even November was not a cake walk and I just need some time alone to come to some decisions and I resent the fact that my privacy has been invaded and if I don’t answer the door I have to turn my phone off because she starts texting and she does not care if I am sleeping, taking a shower or have other company. I have tried to tell her nicely and rudely but she just does not choose to get it.

I don’t want to move but I might need to look into a few more housing options. The office can’t do anything about it, and we have a nasty old man here who thinks I am his next bullying target. Boy watch me go to the police on that one!

So I am apologizing for my crabbiness and wish everyone a great night and weekend!!!! See I do have a little happiness stored somewhere!!!!


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