Early Thanksgiving

The Holidays are here again. It seems like it was just yesterday that I celebrated my first Thanksgiving and Christmas here in my then new apartment.

It has been a season of trials and adjustments for me. First off this place that I now call home is the first home that I have ever had that I did not share with another. From my fathers house to my husbands house to the house I shared for many years with the man that I loved to a place of my own. I have come a long way in the space of mere months.

There are things that I had to adjust to. Sleeping alone, preparing meals just for myself, learning to live the life as a person alone faces. Last year I had Matthew here with me to share the holidays. It was a good time yet it was also a sad time. We were not with any of our family. Just he and I and yet even if it was lonely with out the kids and grandkids, Matt and I made it special. We were able to see Alex open his Christmas box and in that we found great joy. Laurie took pictures of Adrian and Cathy and at some point of the day we managed to talk to everyone.

Matthew is now in Reno with Alex and his fiancé Courtney. Karyn and Joe are in their little apartment and Jonathan and Nathan are in theirs in Austin. Laurie and Dave are in Austin/Round Rock area. I don’t plan to travel this Christmas. I toyed with going to Reno and then maybe Austin, but in the end I decided that I am staying home this year.

Tomorrow our apartment complex is having our yearly Thanksgiving Day dinner. My sister Sharon and her husband Raymond are coming to share with me. Then on Thursday I will go to their house for Thanksgiving dinner. Not sure what the kids have planned other than Laurie and Dave and they are spending it in San Antonio at Sea World.

Cathy turned 5 today. It seems like just yesterday she was in my arms and fussing and I would turn on the radio and would hold her to me and we would dance, and dance and dance. She would settle down, snuggle right in and fall to sleep with the music and motion. Their seems to be a bit of magic in a grandmother that she administers to her little angels. Or at least I think so. No matter what mom or dad says, they are angels in my eyes.

Tomorrow is a big day. I have to decide yet on what I plan to take to the dinner. Italian Seasoned Potato’s for one and some Sweet Potato Muffins for another. I will have to decide in the morning what to make for the last dish.

Happy Holidays to you all….. Blessed Be


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