My Holiday Tea That I Planned

Things are so crazy sometimes. I went to the website since I could not locate the teas at my local Wal-Mart so I figured ok I will use the store locater and I found them. They gave me the address and the phone number. Imagine my surprise when I called and it was Wal-Mart lol. No big deal, I will just order them online directly. I will have to do this Dec 1st and hope that they arrive in time for our party. If not well…. there are other teas out there if I get into a jam.

It is to be a Cookie Exchange and Holiday Tea combined. Someone suggested finger sandwiches and chips and dips but I suggested that we just stick to the scones, cookies and tea. If someone wants to bring finger foods I will not object. I think that it is going to be fun all the way around.

Oh that reminds me. I need to add wax paper to my already growing list.

I went out with one of my guys last night. We met up with another friend of ours and had a great time, but as the night wore on, he started feeling sick, then she started feeling sick and I am all full of myself thinking I was all good because I did not eat any of the seafood… read severely allergic…. I should not have even gone but I did. It was an Asian all you could eat buffet.  They raved about the food and I am trying desperately just to get thru what I had put on my plate. (I have had much much better).

So my plate did not hold any kind of shrimp, lobster, crawfish (eeeek) clams, crabs, mussels or oysters. And I sat as far as I could away from them as the large round table allowed.  I had chosen cabbage, squash, yellow and zucchini, tomato’s, pineapple, mushrooms, onions, carrots and broccoli and teriyaki sauce and had it stir fried with coconut oil.  It was alright but not the greatest. While my pals was scarfing down everything that had heads and tails, I did enjoy the meal as I listened to them talk and laugh.

On the way back to my girlfriends house she began to complain of stomach cramps. I told her I would have stomach cramps too if I had consumed as much heads and tails and all in between as she had. Then about an hour later he actually started turning green around the gills. By the time that he dropped me off at my house all he wanted to do was go home and throw up.

I was counting lucky stars by the time that I made it to my apartment. I completed a few tasks and went to bed and woke up at 4:30 feeling sick. I did not puke praise be but OH I WANTED TO….  I am feeling much better now but the other two are not answering my phone calls or texts so not sure how they are doing. I hope they are ok. Unusual for the both of them not to pick up or text back.

Anyway I am exhausted so I think that I will have some lunch and sleep for a while….. Blessed Be…..


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