What do I write about today?

It is a new day, Sunday is here and I am using this day to relax and unwind from a busy week and yet prepare myself for the week ahead.

 I am suggesting a new idea that I have had in the back of my mind for the last few days but just now the idea was just born to the Council or the Way and Means committee. I have been looking for something for the residents here to do as in activities. We play Bingo, have arts and crafts and a lot of pot lucks but now we are now searching for something different.

 I know that for the holidays we will have a cookie exchange which I love, but I am not a true baker when it comes to baking cookies. I love them and love the designs but mine look a little…. sad. That is the best word that I can come up for the way that my cookies look.

 But I do have a talent that is so easy that even the non crafty or skilled baker can do. So here is my idea.

 I am thinking of hosting a Holiday Tea, served with scones, dripping with butter and honey.

Celestial Seasonings has a whole array of teas that are just perfect. From Wellness teas to Chai Teas to Holiday Blends, they have it all.


 Check out the teas for more than just holidays but for other areas in your life. Herbal Teas and Green Teas are just a small part of their selection and I have been a tea drinker since I was 18 and have never found a blend that I love more than this one.

 We are drinkers here of Coffee and Teas so this should be a great event. I am so excited. I know that this will go over with the council because the council loves to host these kind of events.

 When I lived in Nevada, we had a tea house. It was an older house and each room save the kitchen was redone in a different era. We had the 1800’s room, the 1920’s room and so forth up to the 50’s. They had clothing to match for parties as well, say for example a Bridal Shower. Hats were big as well as shawls and they had a lady who would take pictures if you provided the camera.

 They offered different packages for different occasions, from a private tea to a community tea. And in the Spring, the gardens and out door tables were so beautiful.

 My girlfriend and I had a tea for her mother for Mother’s Day and her Birthday which were close together. We had such a blast and she was just blown away by the event. For $30.00 we had 4 pots of tea, a platter of finger sandwiches and a platter of scones. We wore hats and had pictures taken and they even baked the birthday cake for us. Just a small one done in white and yellow and lavender icings. Instead of a candle we used a sparkler.

 I can see us doing the same here starting with just the Holiday Tea. and perhaps having one done for Spring and late Summer. The money should not be a problem because we host fundraisers all year long. The tea is not expensive so 4 or 5 nice blends plus regular blends for the fussy tea drinkers and even perhaps coffee as well.

 The sandwiches will be easy and simple, and I can even buy Scones at the store now where we can just break off and pop into the oven to bake.

 I have tons of red and green table cloths and napkins and the council always has other things that we can use like paper plates and forks, knives and spoons. Decorations and so on.

 So that is my latest idea that I have had hatching. It has been simmering for a while now. I started thinking of this last month because my girlfriend and I approached several people here about a dinner club. Very small. 6 is the limit. The rules are as follows….

 1. The food has to be created from real cooking. Not to say that we can’t use ingredients already made like Spaghetti sauce but that we shall not serve Hamburger Helper.

 2. We will rotate so no one gets stuck with the entrée or most expensive part of the meal every month.

 3. We will vote on the next meal theme at the end of our dinner so everyone will have a choice of what to serve as their dish at the next meal. (We are doing Italian for the first dinner in January).

 4. We will welcome new ideas as time goes on for themed dinners like dressing for the occasion. Our President here is Mexican and she loves putting on a feast and dresses for the occasion. But we will not go to our dinner night dressed in jeans or sweats. It will be an actual time to dress up for the night and enjoy.

 I have been super busy but hopefully today I can just kick back and relax. I need to catch up on some correspondence and make some phone calls today. I also need to clean my house and work on my Wicca journal.

 I am gypsygirl1011 if anyone wants to join me.

 Have a great day and Blessed Be……..



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