Thanks Allen

For the last 8 months I have not been able to get into my account.  After spending several frustrating hours and days, I just gave up. Moved on to other things. But today I received in my email my friend Allen’s notification… (HI Allen) and after threatening to throw the damn computer out the window, it magically let me in.

It could be Majik. I have not done a reading to see what the cards says about my troublesome blog, but perhaps I should. And you know what gets me? Nothing has ever been changed regarding my passwords. I am not a changer in that area. I do not have a great memory in that area so I keep it simple and know that it is the right password but really get aggravated when it refuses to let me in, says Error…. WTF???? Anyway I will see how long this one will allow me to enter as I please!

I have news!!!! Lots of news…. Here is a picture for you. Meet Dante Angelus….  He will greet our presence either late January or early February. We are so excited. Love this picture of him as if he is saying…. “Go Away” lol.

I am so excited for him to get here. He is going to be one spoiled little boy! But we do not mind. I was very worried when I found out that Laurie was expecting again. I knew that she and David had talked about having another baby but not for a few more years. They were wanting to buy a house and do a few things, but he surprised us all. We were not even sure that Laurie could get pregnant after her last miscarriage but Dante is proving that she could indeed.

1044310_3419810271072_1162432747_n I am staying busy, on the Council here and I do like it here. I just miss having my own yard. I may move across town. I am seriously thinking about it. I would at least have a yard to plant a garden and I will be needing certain herbs.

I have always been curious about things in my life and little by little I have really been gravitating to a totally different way of life. Years actually have led me to where I am now. One day at a time, one thought, one feeling and one decision at a time.

I am taking this winter as a sabbatical of sorts. I will work on my inner strengths as well as weaknesses’ and do a lot of soul searching. By the first of Spring I believe that I will have a good and strong foundation ready  to begin the life that I feel that I was meant to live.

I will also start a new blog. One that will be of a different feel as well as a different journey.

I am Wiccan.

No I am not a worshiper of Satan. No we do not sacrifice and drink the blood of human or animals. No I am not belonging to any Coven. I am a Solitary Practitioner. How ever the appeal of a Coven does interest me, I know that right now, it is not the right time for me.

Everyday I learn something new. Everyday I learn something new about myself, our planet and nature. I learn about the past, the present and if I do not see my future clearly, (Who Can, right?) then at least I feel the contentment and peace that I have longed for.

I have so much to blog about right now. I am filled with so much emotion and for once it is not all of these confused bits and pieces that I am trying desperately to make sense out of. Temperance, Patience and Love combined helps me see things much more intensely as I travel my road to where it may lead me.

Until later, Blessed Be…..



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