Whew Have I Been Busy

We have 24 hours in a day and I am so busy that I do not know my name. What with all of the Farm Town games I have going, My Resort World, Words With Friends, and the many other internet time consumers, is it any wonder that I haven’t posted. Oh and I forgot to add Playtime with my new BOYFRIEND…. Yes I got one.

 My heart is still stuck on the one that is in jail. I will always love him but he made me promise that I would not just sit and wait on him and I am not. My new guy is … well he is just too darn cute. I robbed the cradle so to speak. I am 9 years older than him but he doesn’t care even tho I had a hard time with it at first, but I am over that. We talk, we text, and we do a lot of kisssssing. We cuddle and we have one long kisssss at the end of our date time. And he goes home.

 No talk of forever, no L word, no talk of co-habitating, no talk of mushy stuff.

 We have a lot in common. We are both Libras, we both love our big families, we have the same interests when it comes to outdoor activities, and we are both diabetics so we know how to look out for each other. We are both into all the holidays and love to travel and go places but we can just chill in front of the tv and be fine with it.

 There are a couple of glitches tho. Isn’t there always? First off I thought that I was shy. Well he is really super shy. No personal contact in public and that is a groaner for me since I am a toucher. And he is really punctual which can be annoying when he calls and says “What cha doing baby?” and I say “nothing what are you doing?” and he says, “I am downstairs waiting for you to buzz me in.”

 The other day he caught me in one of my depressed moments. No shower, no makeup, just me and my nightgown. He laughed. I am still not sure if it was a laugh with me or  laugh at me. But I took a shower while he played on his computerized phone.

 Anyway I am going to ride this pony til I fall off. For as long as it lasts I will enjoy this relationship. I know he has the potential to break my heart, but that is the risk that I take and he said that I could just as easily break his. So it is a gamble.

 But the way that he talks to me sends shivers up and down my spine. Nothing in the world sounds so good as when he whispers something sweet in my ear in spanish and I have NO idea what he said but it makes my toes curl……..TTYL


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