Crying Over Spilled Perfume?

Men come and men go. I know this and I am ok with it for the most part, but what I am not ok with is getting dumped via a text message. I met someone that I really liked. My big mouth told a supposed friend about it. It didn’t take her long to track him down and I have no idea what was said, but my text message read. “Why did you lie to me, I don’t like drama and I am done. Good luck and goodbye.”


 Well ok then, but I would like to know what I lied about and what drama? So that was my text message back to him and he said that I lied to him about my supposed to be friend. I told him I didn’t have a clue to what he is talking about and he said it didn’t matter, he was still done. So he is deleted. I hope that she takes him down a peg or two. And she will. That is what she does, that is her  game and that is how she gets her thrills. I have deleted her too. I have too much class to associate with scum.

 My pride stung for a little while. It hurt that he has this impression of me. I thought that our dates were fun and going well, but geeze if this is the way that he acts, she did me a favor and am I crying over spilled perfume? No way in hell.

 I hope that he likes the scent of SKUNK, cause that is what she is and I think that he will wear the scent well.

 That is my rant for the day.

 On to other news. I have to clean house, (It is a mess) and do laundry (Groan) and then it is play time. Going to my friends house for burgers and girl talk. Sounds like a winner to me. TTYL


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