After 30 Years Of Knowing Someone And Called A Friend… NOT

I thought that my girlfriend was a real friend and last night I found out that she is a liar, a player and a mischievious Bitch. And that is too good for her.

 I trusted her with something and she went behind my back and told some people but as usual she omitted a few facts. I was up all night just really pissed off.

 When I moved back to Texas (God why did I do that?) I was hesitant about contacting her, but I did from some stupid reason. A mutual friend told me that I should. I thought that she had grown up and left High School Drama behind and had grown into a decent human being. My fault entirely for being too trusting.

 She crossed the line with one of my friends. Several friends in particular but only one that really matters. I am just sick at heart. And I am kicking myself knowing that I should never have confided in her, so I have no one to blame. I will be alright but now someone that I cared for very much has a much altered impression of me and that is what hurts. I can do nothing but let him believe what he wants to believe and hope that I have the chance to explain that what he thinks she told him is not totally true, but he will not take my calls so I guess that I don’t have any options left.

 And I guess that it hurts that he will believe her over me even only meeting her a few days ago. He has known me for a long time and I suppose that if he chooses not to contact me then it is his loss. I hope that she is happy, that she feels really good about what she has accomplished and that Karma comes back and KICKS her in the ASS.

 And with that, I am going to eat lunch and go lay down and plan some mental revenge…. TTYL


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