Merry Christmas 2012

 I decided not to go to my sisters today. I woke up at 1:00 this morning with a thunder and lightening display outside and a throbbing headache. My sister Susie thinks that my blood pressure may be up, and I am feeling a little dizzy. I did not tell her that because she would insist that I head to the ER and I do not want to be there today. I think that it is going to be alright. I just don’t feel like getting out in the cold and damp and I do not want them to have to get out on the roads if they do not have to be.
 I do have a beef about Christmas that I need to vent about. Maybe I am taking this all wrong and need to put it into perspective, but then again maybe I do have the right to bitch just a little.
 When I had my Thanksgiving dinner I told my sisters that I was just doing for the kids this year. I had gone to the dollar store and found the cutest tins. So I decided that I would bake the kids cookies, toss in some candy canes and what not and I bought each of the kids a small gift. I told my sisters my plan and they said, “Oh what a cute idea.” They wanted to see the tins so I let them come up and look at them and we picked out the ones for each of the kids.
 Well then we went back downstairs and my sister asked me where I got the tins. I told her across the street and she said, “You know, I think that I could do that for my co-workers and the kids we take care of, at least the ones that can have a regular diet.” My other sister Linda said… “That would save me a lot of time too. I have so many at work that I buy for and that would be good for them too.”
 I mean a tin filled with cookies is not an original idea, but for me it was affordable. Plus I had bought for all of my neices and nephews too so it was just a little extra something from me to them.
 Last weekend we were all suppose to go to Dallas and bake cookies, brownies, bark candy and some other stuff. The day before, I had an appointment that I couldn’t get out of, and my sister Susie said that the school had called and they had to go and get her grandson because he was sick. He was very sick. The flu and strep throat. It was back to back ER visits for 5 of my neices and nephews, then my two neices got sick with a stomach virus, and I had babysat the day before, and was already at risk so I was kind of glad that I didn’t go to Dallas. I had pitched in money and some ingredients for my part of the baking, and both of my sisters said… “We will bake and you can fill the tins.”
 Well I got about 3 dozen little bitty cookies to split between 11 kids. Yeah. Then to add insult to injury, all those tins that my sisters bought, they filled them up with cookies and candy for all the kids. Not co-workers and friends. And for my 3 grandbabies, they forgot to bake extra cookies for them. So I have a whole bag full of tins that is too late to use for the kids. I don’t want to give them another tin when they each received 2 each anyway.
 I have them for next year, but I am never telling anybody else what I am doing.
 Another thing that really bothers me is that my sister Linda and I planned for her to pick me up Christmas Eve and I spend the night with them. Then it was changed to Christmas morning, and now it is changed until tonight, and so I bowed out. I am not feeling great with this headache anyway and I have gained 10 pounds. I am so mad at myself for that. But no way am I going to the store and buy stuff for dinner for me and Matt and his girlfriend now. It is too late in the day and I doubt that the stores are even open anyway, but I hate when plans are broken for trivial matters. She could have let me known that our plans had changed so I could make different ones. I had invitations elsewhere that I turned down, just to spend the holiday with her. Then my other sister in Dallas called and said she would come and get me and I told her to stay put because the roads are going to be bad, she has a house full of her kids and grandkids and family and that I appreciated the thought and gesture, but we would plan something after the first of the year. I will plan it.
 Anyway bitch fest is over.
 I have recieved many beautiful cards and gifts this year. Every day for the last 12 days I have recieved something. One day it was a small puzzle and microwave popcorn, another day it was socks and cookies, another time I opened my door to find a bottle of cologne and body lotion, a rum cake, oh and one of the sweetest little gifts was taped to my door. It was quarters that I had lost in the snack machine, someone must have heard me beating the machine trying to get my chips out. The day of our christmas party I was doing laundry and I was running up to the laundry and back down to the party. On the washer was a note that said “I had extra coins, I put your laundry in the dryer, Merry Christmas.”
 All random acts of kindness from someone that I know but still have no clue to the Who that is being so generous to me. The true meaning of love and kindness and especially at this time of year. I plan to adopt several people here this coming year. I have been watching. Helen and Laura are tea drinkers and I have shared my tea that Kathy sent to me. It is nice to sit down with friends over a cup of hot tea. So I will be on the lookout for unusal teas for them, and for  Paraleigh I think that I will walk her dog for her when it is cold because she is so cold natured, and I think that for Ivan I will cook him a meal and take to him and for Richard I think that he will enjoy a cd that I use to listen to, it is guitar music and he does love guitar music. And there are many others. I have noticed that Janette is having a hard time breathing when she is walking. Maybe I can help do her laundry or grocery shop or something.
 Everyone here is so nice with the exception of a couple of people. They are just so nosy so I just stay out of their way because they are so bitter. Our TV was stolen just before Halloween and someone bought us a brand new one. We do not know who donated it, but it is a huge flat screen and it is mounted in the day room so we can all watch the games and so forth. The bitter ones are throwing a fit because it is too big. The office manager told everyone at the Christmas Party that those not grateful should not comment. I guess that there are those that you just cannot please no matter what. I feel sorry for those people. The tv did not cost the grumblers a dime, and they sure seem ungrateful. I do enjoy going down and watching the game with the others and the big tv really makes it nice.
 And for now, I am going to lay back down. My head is raging. I sure hope that I am not coming down with something. Everyone that I have talked too has complained of a bad headache before getting sick. I am just going to keep repeating… Not Me.. Not Me… Not Me… LOL…. Merry Christmas everyone. TTYL





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