Meet Me

The other day I was complaining that FB was way to slow. I was wanting to play Resort World and it was not loading. So I tried Farmville and it wouldn’t load, so I said I would try Words With Friends and so that is when I began to get frustrated and I told my son Matt that I wish their was another social network like FB but worked better.

 And He Said and I Quote….

 “But there is mom, it is called Meet Me. You should join, it is a lot of fun.”

 So I had him do all of the labor and set it up for me.

 It is a dating site!!!!

 I have been going thru my new Meet Me emails and OH Be Still My Heart. I did not know that there was so many good looking men in my area!!

 But I do not want to date. But I might change my mind!!! lol and there is something to be said about hanging out and having fun, but I am still in love with my guy. The only problem is that my guy is in jail and will probably be there for a long time.

 Why do I give my heart to guys that give me grief. He is getting rail roaded, that I do know, and I am sure as I am sitting here that he will not get a fair trial and I also know that they are still sorting out the charges because they have him mixed up with someone else and it is a big big mess. But none of that helps either one of us.  But I am not here to talk about what I cannot change. I am here to talk about…. being lonely and if I do find someone to hang out with, would that be cheating considering that we are apart?

 What if he gets something crazy like 10 years?

 I feel so damn guilty of even sitting here thinking these thoughts, let alone posting them, but my sister told me the other day. What do you miss most about being in a relationship?

 I miss every thing. I miss having someone call me and say that they miss me for no reason at all. I miss not having someone to snuggle with, or hold hands with, or argue over the remote with, or kiss me good morning or good night. I miss it all.

 My sister also asked what is it like being alone and I really couldn’t answer her.

  I did start reflecting on that question and I hate to say that it feels like I am a widow. I can remember everything, but I cannot make plans, or if I do I am not really happy with out the other part of my heart.

 But on the other hand, I do enjoy living alone. I enjoy sleeping in, and everything stays so much cleaner without sharing space with someone else. No arguments over whose turn to do what, less laundry and especially less cooking. I can read in bed and not worry that I am keeping someone else up. I do things that I normally wouldn’t do in a relationship and living with someone.

 In other words while I am living by my self I can be  really selfish. Not that I am a selfish person, I am not, I guess that I am not wording this right.

 But I am getting off topic….  I just need to know what am I supposed to do with all of these gorgeous 63 men who want to Meet Me??????


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