Lost Post

This damm computer… I had a good venting post going on and I lost it. I am too tired now to  re-post it all so I will just say that I am doing alright and will post all that I have been doing, thinking and feeling tomorrow.

Long juicy post. I am going to go to bed and finish reading King Tut by James Patterson. Non Fiction which is very unusual for him. James Patterson fans, You just might like this one.

Before I go I want to say that my niece had major surgery on saturday. Almost identical to mine but more severe. I had a 89% blockage in my aorta and she had a 99% and where my celliac arteries were 67% blocked hers was 100% blocked. I am happy to report that she is doing fine. Still worried about her as she has a history of blood clots.

I am sending best wishes to everyone. I am hoping that the day has been a good one for you. TTYL


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