Sandy Is Being Bitchy

Hi everyone,

I am hoping that this major storm system is not going to be as bad as they are saying, but I don’t know. She is looking like a cold hearted bitch from where I am sitting. Batten down the hatches and have lots of food stored. I really worry about everyone who has harsh weather and storms. I know that it is a part of Mother Nature, but so many people die from the elements.

I am doing better today. I went out for an outing with my sister and son yesterday and passed out. Not sure what happened. I do remember being in the ambulance. We think that my sugar dropped and my blood pressure was elevated. I am better today. Still a little shaky and have that tired feeling.

I made myself get out of the apartment today and I walked around the parking lot for about a half hour then decided to go back to my apartment, but when I got off of the elevator a few of my friends were in the sitting area so I stopped to chat with them for about another half hour and then my neice and her two girls came by. I seen them as they got off the elevator. We had a good visit, and I have had lunch and am ready to lay down for a little while.

Matt has applied for a new job. He is awaiting the results from the background check and I sure hope that it goes well. It should. He has never been arrested for anything that I know about, but still…. some little pesky thing could show up, a forgotten ticket or something. Maybe I am just being negative for a minute because I always figure that something is bound to go wrong when things sound just a little too good.

That is a terrible way to look at life isn’t it. I should be counting my blessings including Matt’s instead of holding my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I feel that nap calling me…. TTYL


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