Sleepless In Texas

Good Morning,

At least I am hoping that it is a good morning for everyone. I would like to say that I am all perky and jolly and happy this morning, but the truth is that I am moving around like a Zombie in slow motion. I am so tired from lack of sleep. I just do not understand how my body suddenly goes into overdrive the second I close my eyes.

I was up and down at least 10 times last night. I was too hot, so I opened the window. I got too cool so I closed the window. Then while I was up I figured that I should visit the bathroom so I didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night. Finally my eyes closed for a brief 2 seconds and thirst hit hard and heavy along with a nice long hot flash. The window was re-opened and I went back to the bathroom to put on something a little warmer.

I was finally relaxing enough to fall asleep and then I heard either an ambulance or fire truck screaming sirens all along the way. That is not so much of a problem, I have learned to mostly tune out that kind of back ground noise, but upstairs is a little dog that is a yapper and when he hears sirens he starts howling, and his keeper starts yelling, and she stomps around when she walks.

Not that she can help it, she has some leg damage and I am sure that she just gets to where she is going the best way that she can, but she is very loud and it seems that she is active during the night time hours. I hate to complain, but I do not know how much more of this that I can take. Now mind you she lives upstairs and I can even hear conversations that she has with others. (She also has a hearing problem) so that makes me more understanding. Or at least I try to be.

I do nothing that makes noise after 8:00pm because I know my neighbors are winding down for the evening. My neighbor next to me is very quiet. I thought that the apartment was empty for the longest time because I never heard anything, but I met her coming out of her apartment as I was leaving one day so that was nice. She said she only knew I was here because she saw my family bringing in some furniture one day.

The man at the end of my apartment is really nice. He is hard hearing so I hear his television on if I go into the hall, but otherwise he is quiet too and the little lady across the hall from me is never home or if she is home, I never see her. She may be a shut in.

But the lady upstairs is a totally different story. Her dog also scratches the floor to find a place to lay down she says. She says that it is the breed that he is that makes him want to nest. And he barks all the damn time. Yap, yap, yap, and now that the days are cooler we all leave our windows open and the noise is even more amplified.

But oh well…. That is apartment living and I will get use to it, but I am really in need of sleep and I hate taking sleeping pills to sleep. They make me feel foggy the next day. But I am really just so happy to have my own home that I will ignore what I can and make do with what is.

A friend asked me the other day, do you think about getting a pet? My answer was a real quick no. I love animals, but I am never sure if I am going to be in Dallas at the doctors for a few days at a time and I have no one that can come and let the animal out for the bathroom and to feed it and I would never feel comfortable leaving a pet home alone for days at a time even if I did have someone come and feed it and take it out.

Besides I just lost Bandit and Nature, so I just could not deal with that kind of loss again. I am happy that my only responsibilities right now are just my own.

Oops time has gotten away from me. I have some errands I have to do, so I will TTYL.




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