It’s Not All Peaches And Cream…..

I am talking about the game Words with Friends…. and Resort World, and Farmville…. not to mention the other thousand that I get requests for. Plus FB will not even let me change my profile picture.

If Mark ZuckerFace could create a massive social network why can’t some one else do the same thing and make it better than FB? No matter where I go, it takes ten years for my page to load. Play  games? Not me, not like I want to be able to play them. It is tiring to just sit here waiting and waiting and waiting for it to load up.

If I didn’t like my games so much I would just call it quits. But I have come to far to stop now, but it is getting terrible. Oh and half the time I cannot even leave a private message to my friends. Time for me to shut’R down and go do something productive. Sleep sounds good. It has been a wasted FB evening on my part so I will just say Good Night everyone. TTYL…….. Sweet Dreams.


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