I Now Have Internet

So last Thursday was my birthday. It was great actually. I went down and got my self some internet for my new laptop. YAY!

I have been rather busy the past few days. Saturday was taken up by a surprise Birthday Party for my sister Susie. We lied to my poor sissie. We did what we had to do to get her down here to our house and everyone was in a rushful panic when she decided to Come On Down a few hours early. So the party had to be hurried up before she got here, but it all turned out great!

There was cake for the kids and later after everyone went home except us sisters minus one (she does not drink) we headed to Chili’s for dinner and Margaritas. Then went to Trimmings and I fell in love with all of their candles and wax and sprays not to mention all of the decorations. We had a good time. It was nice for us to get together like that.

Yesterday morning after they left, I collapsed in my bed with a book and read until I realized that it was time for dinner and my insulin. That taken care of I played on Pinterest until time for bed.

Today has been full too. Grocery shopping, a little house cleaning a little Facebook, a little WordPress and catching up on my blogs, I am now ready to find my book and rest a little. TTYL and have a great day.


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