A Visit From My Son

My house is a mess. I am a mess, I need to take a shower but I am way too busy enjoying a visit from Matthew. This visit has been a few weeks in the making. It was supposed to have happened last weekend but his work scedule was the deciding factor and he had to work. I graciously accepted that our visit would have to be postponed but early saturday morning, my phone rang and it was Matt saying “MOM I AM HERE LET ME IN.

All visitors have to be buzzed in on the weekends, and I hit the button, and anxiously awaited for him to get off the elevator and turn the corner down the hall. His first image of me was pretty great… My hair was sticking up all over the place, my old and most favorite gown was as old as I am and I had only my head sticking out the door.

Still he smiled at me and said “Hey You” and he grabbed me up in a bear hug that made my heart go pitty pat to see this little boy that is not so little anymore and is a father of his own little boy.

We caught up for a little while and decided to go to our favorite mexican restraunt where we drank a bit. I had two margaritas and he had a corona and a margarita and then we walked around some of the local stores and came back here.

It was after I was fortified with alchol that my little boy said “Mom I need to tell you something.”

I knew it was serious… He looked at me and said… “I passed my military exam yesterday… I haven’t  signed the papers yet but……….”

My heart fell at my feet. Thank God I had those Margaritas that delayed my speech since it took those long seconds for me to say anything at all. I think that I said Congratulations but I am not sure.

I am not discouraging or encouraging him. I will for once let him make his own decision, but I have to admit that I am really throwing out other options. Is that wrong of me? It was as if the cosmic force of life hit me as we were watching the news that night that a soldier had died and was being brought home not far from where we live to be buried in the National Cemetary in Grand Prarie.

Anyway I am not going to talk about this anymore for now. I am just going to enjoy every minute I have with Matt before he goes home. TTYL and have a great day everyone.


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