Winding Up Summer

The last of the dog days are slowly coming to an end. Everyone that I know is trying to get in a few more days and are looking forward to an Indian Summer. From the shores of Jamaica, to the Egyptian Nile, my friends and family are taking advantage of their summer flings. I cannot help but be wistful of their adventures, yet I am content to stay here in my own little world and enjoy the last days of summer drinking iced tea on the patio and watching the humming birds start their migration south. They are starting early this year and I will miss them, but I wish them a safe journey.

I am looking forward to fall. Not only for cooler weather but because the State Fair starts soon and I plan to go this year. I have not been to a Texas State Fair in 23 years, so I am looking forward to spending the day people watching, meandering thru the throngs of people, maybe even get lucky to make it on the big game day, if not I am sure that I will enjoy the exhibits, the concerts and of course the food.

I have other reasons to look forward to the fall because that means and do not groan, get some spirtit here, but the holidays will be just right around the corner. From October to the first of the New year is probably the time that really love.

Living in an apartment will be a big change for me. No decorating the outside of my house, no trick or treaters, no hot chocolate for the carolers, no planting my living tree in the yard. It will be a wistful time for me, but I can decorate the inside of my apartment and I can also hang a wreath on my door, so it will not be all bad.

It will be a time for plans. I have lots of plans. Big ones and some not so big. I will be living in walking distance of a nursing home. I plan to visit, take books, have meaningful conversations and volunteer my services to the best of my own abilities.

I plan to spoil my great neices and nephews to the point to where their parents will see me and whisk their children away, possibly to another state to protect them from all of the spoiling that I plan to do. I do not know how to look into those adorable eyes and not give in to their pleas of another cookie, or play a game on the Xbox, or read them a story and more especially just being their biggest fan. They keep me young and that is the truth. I want to teach the girls how to bead, and well boys are boys. All I have to do is hoop and holler with them and they are happy.

The kids are all into the 4-wheelers and even the baby, I think that he is as bad as the bigger kids, taking me by the hand and pointing out the window to look at the 4-wheeler and say in his sweetest voice….”Pease. pease” and I give in and take him out and let him sit on it. It does not last long because he knows that it is suppose to go go go and I will not go.

My neice’s oldest son has my heart. I love all of the boys but there is something about Jaylen that speaks to me. Maybe it is because he reminds me of myself at that age, looking for something but not quiet sure what.

Then there is Calab. Cute as a button and mean as a snake. He takes nothing from anyone and is so like his mother that we all smile and say “Hmm hmm he is you all over again.” He cannot sit still for more than 2 seconds, but he will fall asleep if we are lucky enough that he gets still for 2 seconds and go to sleep.

Zack is the youngest of the three and I haven’t really been able to pin him down long enough to get an idea of him yet. He flys thru the front door, grabs a drink or a cookie and flys out the back door. No telling what he is up to and I think that he likes to keep us guessing.

The baby boy of the bunch is Bryce. He is a ham, loves the phone and dances to the music and the more that we laugh at his antics the more he does. Of the 4 boys I am sure that Bryce is going to be the most spoiled by me.

Susie has 3 kids, they are all grown. The oldest has 3 kids and lives in Tennessee so I cannot spoil them. They are on up there in ages. The middle child has 4 kids that I do not get to see often but at Christmas, but the youngest has a little boy and he is has my heart too. Isn’t it amazing how much room my heart can hold when it comes to love.

Landon is like a breath of fresh air. Need I say more. I get lost in his exhuberance for life. He is always wanting to know something, always willing to show me what he is doing and never hesitates to try and wind me around his little finger when mom and dad say no to him. He thinks I am his accomplice and if that doesn’t work, well there is always Nanna who will be his partner in crime. From the last drink before bedtime to a treat, he knows how to work us and remain the precious soul he is.

Then there are the girls…. What can I tell you other than that they are adorable. Alissa is the oldest and she has wanted a baby sister for as long as she could talk. Her mother and father finally granted her wish about 8 months ago with a baby sister, Kennah. I am very lucky to have all of these little ones in my life and their moms and dads aren’t so bad either.

So you can see what I will be doing.

Fall is here and that means I have to load up on goodie bags for them. And Christmas will drain my bank account. But they are only little once and if I can spoil them I will.

So I will fill my calendar with plans and I know they will change from day to day but that is ok. I am going to enjoy the last days of summer watching the kids play and enjoy every second of it that I can until the cold days of winter has us hunkered down while Old Man Winter gives us a time to reflect on future dog days of summer.


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