Life, It Is Getting Exciting Around Here

My sisters left for Jamaica early yesterday morning. My sister Linda is terrified of flying so she and Susie came up with the back up plan… It was simple really. Get my sister snockered before getting on the plane.

If that didn’t work, Susie was just gonna knock her out, throw her butt in a wheel chair and tell everyone that she was retarted.

For both of their sakes she managed to get on the plane without booze and being knocked silly.

How ever no vacation is without it’s own woes and hassels. A friend of theirs that was joining them for the 3 girl 10 day resort vacation, her plane was delayed with mechanical difficulties and so she had to take a later flight. So she was 2 hours behind them.

Luggage had already been checked so they had to go on and claim their luggage. Of course the luggage was lost. Of course it would be. That is just a part of life when your going on a dream vacation. So we have been tracking luggage since yesterday.

I finally got a hold of someone at the airport that was very helpful. The lost bags were put on a plane this morning and arrived in Jamaica at 9:45 this morning. They are now going thru customs which could be a delay there, but at least the bags arrived at their destination.

They are at the airport as I type this to claim their bags themselves to make sure that they are not lost from the airport to the resort. Smart thinking girls.

Get those bags and get to vacationing. Susie called early this morning (we are on the same time) and said she was already hitting the Juice as she called it. A spiced pina colada. I hope she drinks several of them for me!

My sister Sharon and her husband got in late last night as they have been vacationing as well. They just got back from a 14 day, 14 island cruise so they did not travel far but they were gone almost a week. They and another couple went to Branson Mo and then made their way back stopping in Arkansas and i forgot everywhere they went. The highlight of their vacation was to never go again with the couple that they went with.

As for me, I am not going anywhere this weekend. I do not care to be out on a long 3 day weekend anyway. It is just too hot for me. But I will be leaving on Tuesday to go sign the lease and pick up my keys to my apartment, so I am excited but the anticipation is hard to handle at this point. I would like to be there now!

But I have commitments and it is very imporant that I keep them. It is the least that I can do since my sister has been so good to me, letting me live in her house as if it were my own. She just wants her yard watered, the animals fed, the mail checked. But I am going to super clean the house. I may even shampoo her carpets for her.

Last night was a blue moon in which their will not be another until July 31, 2015 so I made it a point to go out and look at the full/blue moon and marvel at it’s beauty.

So that is my story for today. I plan to watch True Blood, the last 2 episodes, take a nap, read and take another nap and play on facebook!

Take care and TTYL.


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