I Really Need To Get Off The Sauce … I Mean Cheese

Everyone has a food weakness and mine happens to be cheese.  I love the stuff and with diabetes, high cholestrol and just common sense, I know that I need to get off of it.

I also know tha I can have anything moderation, but I seem to lose all self control when I am around the stuff.  Seriously I can turn down a piece of cake, but just toss out a bite of cheese and I am a goner.

I watched on tv last night that in America alone, we average 3 billion grilled cheese sandwiches a year!

Let’s not forget cheeseburgers and all of the other sandwiches out there that are topped with any kind of cheese that you can think of.

I wonder about Pizza, just how much do we average in just a cheese topping alone, then toss in the rest of the different kinds we consume?

How can I even begin to not think of the old favorite standbys like good old Mac and Cheese? A baked potato is just sad with out the added cheese.

Last night I chose cheese and crackers for my before bed snack. Why couldn’t I have chosen a yogurt or an apple or some peanut butter? Why did I have to open the fridge and see cheese?

There should be a 12 step program for cheese addiction. I use to worry about carbs, but now I know better. I can walk the carbs off. I cannot walk off the cheese.

So here is the deal, I am not going to buy more than one package of cheese month. It is a serious addiction for me and if I am going to take the first step in bettering my healthy life style then the cheese just has to go.

I just know that it is going to be a struggle, but I have done well with my chocolate addiction. I do not deny myself once in a while but I do not go out of my way to buy it.

But I know me and I am in for a huge fight with the cheese battle. Any encouragement will be gladly accepted. TTYL



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