Another New Beginning Soon

It has been an interesting past several days. I finally got approved for an apartment. Not exactly sure of the move in date, because I have to straighten out some electrical payment issues but then I will have my own place which I really need.

I spent last week with my sister L and I for some reason took out a lot of medication and left it at her house. I was so scared until I was able to talk to her because she has grandbabies and I was so fearful that they would get into that medication.

That just reinforces that I need to have my own place and soon. I have stuff strowed all over the place and it is just not cool. I have to go on a scavenger hunt to find anything. Right now I have stuff in the garage and in my sisters closet and in the coat closet, the bathroom and half the time I can’t remember where anything is.

But it is late. I am going to bed. I will be blogging about my ideas for my new apartment and hope to get some ideas. TTYL


One thought on “Another New Beginning Soon

  1. I’m so excited for you! Let me know when you get all moved in and send me your address so that I can send you a housewarming present. Hurray!!!

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