Mini Vacation For Me


Well my sister L came down yesterday and she and my sister S is planning on leaving for Jamaica in 11 days or so and they are packing and repacking and trying on shoes, clothes and bathing suits. I have never seen so many clothes and shoes, snorkling gear, cameras, and now they are in the bedroom coniving to get it all into 1 suitcase and 2 carryon’s. We will see….

Oh well here is a great idea. Vacumme sealer bags… I hear the motor running pulling all that air out….

So I am going to my sister L’s house tonight for a week or so. I will get to see babies and neices and recieve all kinds of sticky handprints, kisses and hair pulls. Just what this old Auntie needs.

Strange things have been happening to me lately. This morning I was standing out in the yard and a bird flew into my head. Knocked me a little more kookoo. I have been hit in the head by birds 3 times now in my life.

Then for the first time ever in our part of the woods a chicken hawk tried to come into my sister’s bedroom window. We went on a search for my sisters cat because we was afraid she would be attacked.

Strange things, these birds!!!

Gotta run. I have to finish packing!! TTYL


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