Good Bye Horshack

Ron Palillo who played the clown on the tv series Welcome Back Kotter as Horshack died today and it saddend me.  I loved to watch him and really he was the reason that I watched the show. When I see how old they are it really makes me feel old.

I am old.

I am older than what I want to be, but so are we all.

I wish that I had some news to report but I really don’t other than I am applying for an apartment and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get it.

It is in a High Rise and has no balcony or patio which for me is a bummer because I love sitting outside, but on the upscale it is a nice place and the security is good, close to stores and the mainstream of town. It includes laundry facilities on each floor and they have shuttles to shuttle around folks like me. My sister and neices are opting for that one since it is closer to them. They have to pass by it on their way home every day.

The one that I am more interested in is in an older neighborhood but has a screened in porch, all one level, washer and dryer hookup and my own front and back yard. I would not have to do any yard work other than care for my flower beds and such. I have another sister less than 2 miles from there, but I would need a ride anywhere I wanted to go since my car is sitting in Arkansas broke down.

I applied to both so I have to take which ever comes available first.

I was able to save some of my stuff from Arkansas but I need a lot more. I plan on doing this place different than anything I have ever done. I want color and lots of it. Yellows, and oranges, and lime greens. Something that screams Cheer when you walk into to the door.

I have always went for the homy side of things. Not this time. I want a lot of color. Except for the bedroom maybe. I don’t think I want to wake up to anything loud so I will probably choose a soothing blue or green or something neutral.

I will take pics and post and bore everyone with my moving details. Please wish me luck please. TTYL


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