I Knew I Was Half Deaf

Last night I felt something in my ear and I asked my sister the Nurse to look in my ear. She did and she said and I quote “My God no wonder you can’t hear. I cannot even see your ear drum for the wax.” Well earlier I had something come out of my ear that looked like a popcorn kernel and she began to probe and all that kind of stuff Nurses like to do and she said. “Beth your ear is completely impacted. Let me see the other one.”

I rolled over and she took a look and declared that that ear wasn’t as bad with wax but it was infected. So we have to go to the drug store today and get some drops to put in my ears and do some flushing. For the past few months people have told me that I am too loud. I knew I was having problems hearing but I just figured that came with old age.

So now I know why I was going deaf!

Yesterday we went to Fire Wheel which is a large outdoor mall and I picked up a few items for Christmas and I also bought myself a tea pot that was marked down from $40.00 to $4.00 so I was like… Hey I like this place. It is unusal. I deep purple that is almost black. I almost bought a Japanese style, but after a lot of thought, I decided on the other one.

We hit Macy’s, Dillards, Charming Charlies, Kirklands, then broke for lunch. We split a Ruben at TGIF and had Margaritas during which I totally enjoyed, then we hit Borders and a few more stores, The Sleep Number store that actually have on SALE these sheets that adjust to your body temp so your never to hot or to cold. On sale now you can get a set of King for $129.00 plus tax. They also have mattresses with the same material in them. Nasa came up with this and it is amazing. But I did not buy anything like that but I did put a set on my wish list for later. (I will probably have to pay full price by then).

We went to Brookstone, then to several clothes stores. Stopped at a Day Spa and checked out their massages and I know that I want to do that. A facial, massage and manicure for $70.00. That isn’t so bad. I will just do the 45 minute massage for $35.00 in the near future. My sister does my nails and I do my own facials.

Speaking of nails, I have broken two of them. In two weeks. Bummer. The latest one happend this morning so I am making mistakes typing and have to go back and correct them. My sis is going to put tips on the broken ones today.

Both of my sisters are in count down mode for Jamica. They are so excited and I am excited for them too.

For some reason I am very sleepy so I will get off here for now. TTYL.


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