Lazy Day Yes….

Today has been a lazy day. It is all good tho because yesterday was stressful and full. My sister got a call from her doctor last week saying that something in her blood work was high and that they wanted her to go in for a bone scan because they wanted to rule out cancer.

So it was an anxiety filled week awaiting orders to go and have the test done. Miracously the doctor called her back yesterday and said that the tests came out well and no sign of cancer returning. She had cervical cancer years ago and we were scared it came back. But she is alright other than she also has a bad case of STREP THROAT and has exposed me to it!! She spent most of the day in bed while I had my little bottle of LYSOL floating around this house.

I have spent the day staying out of the heat and reading and doing a little research on the internet. Other than that not much of anything else. Oh I am drinking my Chai Tea that I bought a few weeks ago and forgot about. It is really good and since it is late in the day, I did not want to take a chance on any caffine. I have so much trouble sleeping at night.

My son texted me yesterday and said that he wished that I would move back to Austin and we could get an apartment. I said No and it was hard to say no to my child, but I cannot move back down there and put myself back thru that stress again. I know I would have to run into Karyn’s boyfriend and I just do not want to go there.

I do have my application into some apartments so I am waiting to hear back on that. I spent most of the day before on the phone trying to find out what insurance group that I am enrolled in. What a nightmare. It is just crazy. But I think that I have that taken care of. Now if I can find a dr. to take the insurance then I will be even happier. I need to see a dr. because I have not seen one since I had this surgery. (Internal Medicine and Vascular) so I really need to get in and be checked out.

And with that said…. I will TTYL and everyone be good!


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