I Am Not Prepared For All Of This

By all of this I mean being on assistance. I am grateful for the fact that I can get the state medicaid programs that will allow me to see to my medical care, but friends, I need someone who knows what in the hell they are doing to explain to me, (yes even if it is in terms that a child can understand) just what is it that they are saying.

I have a number that I had to call and I have to call this number a lot, and I get different information each time. I thought that I was enrolled in a group called Amerigroup only to be told today that I wasn’t.  I have to pick a plan thru Molina or Superior.

But before I do that, I have to find a dr. to accept one of those. I am not impressed with Superior and the website for Molina is a little better but some things are confusing.

Last week I was told I would get a packet in the mail explaining my options and a list of referrals for a dr. Today when I called back they said I had to pick a group. I chose Molina but was told I now have to find a dr. and then call them back.

I called back, I was asking if there was a referral list I could use and they said “Well you have to choose a plan before you get a referral.”

I don’t know what in the hell I am doing!!!

I called my sister since she is a nurse and she said…..”I don’t like Superior.”

Well ok I was not that impressed with them either.

“What about Molina?” I asked and she said…. “I never heard of them.”

All I know is that I need to find a dr. because my meds need to be refilled and I am sick of hunting them down like a hound dog only to be told…… “Sorry about your luck” and my darling daughter is not helping me like she promised and I am on my own in a mine field that I am purely at a disadvantage because I am not sure how all of this works and I have been dealing with people who I swear is more stupid and un-informed as I am.

I have been on the phone nearly all day trying to work this out. I am headed out to find the nearest cold bottle of wine that I can find in my sisters fridge and drink it. I would rather it be a Margarita or a MaiTai but I will take what I can get.

Snockered is what I really want, but my sis will have a fit since alchol tends to mess with my blood sugar and she might get pissed. But I have a few hours before she gets home and I will be good with a single glass every hour or so…….. or maybe not.

If I am being driven to drink at this point I am going to blame all of those stupid people who are all working for the State of Texas that give me different information……..TTYL


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