West Nile Virus Hitting Us Hard

I don’t know why I watch the news. It seems that if I watch the news then it leaves me something else to worry about. Today they talke about West Nile, how serious it is and left me with two pieces of information that I would have rather not known about.

1. We the people of Northern Texas, mainly Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex area has the highest outbreak of West Nile in the nation. (NATION).

2. The couny of Dallas has not sprayed or done anything about the mosquito’s since 1966. But they are planning to do something now IF the enviromentalists will shut up and quit complaining about how spraying for mosquitos will hurt the enviroment.

Now this is just my opinion, but I bet ya that they would be singing a different tune, those enviromentalists if they had a family member to come down with it or if they themselves got it and someone died. I betcha that they would not be thinking about the enviroment then,

Not that I am against the enviroment. I am all for saving our planet. I want as much as the next person to have my grand children and those that come after to have an echo system that will allow for a great planet.

I recycle, buy green products, plant flowers, trees and bushes, but I also think realistically too. I mean if we were plagued with poisonus spiders, or fleas, ticks or roaches, would we not call the pest control to come out and spray? Isn’t that bad for the envirment?


I love it when people advocate for a cause, it is just that sometimes I think that those that advocate to the point of stupid hurts the cause more than helps it.

I would love to find a different way to rid the mosquito population and help our enviroment at the same time. But maybe I am just a little selfish. I don’t want anyone else to die from West Nile either.

Maybe I should put up some bat houses. I know those bats will help rid the mosquitos and naturally help the enviroment. But darn it, one thing always comes to mind…. bats carry rabies. One evil vs another.  It’s always something! TTYL



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