May I Please Have A Little Salt And Lime With My Tequilla?

My sister and I headed out this afternoon on a mission. We went in search of a patio umbrella. Yesterday she found on clearance, not one but two and they were marked down from $68.00 to $22.00 so she bought them both. One for now and one for a spare. Well now we know why they were on clearance, they were broken. Both of them would not lock. So she and I are taking those back tomorrow. We would have done it today but for some reason she decided not to.

Our first stop was Home Depot and they were sold out. Not a single one left. We left there and hit Garden Ridge whee we were not impressed. Oh they had them cheap enough but they were exactly that, Cheap. So off we went to Sears and they didn’t have any and we were just about ready to give up and hunt down the nearest Margarita when I said we could check at Lowes before heading out to another store to see if we could find the elusive umbrellas.

I am really glad that I thought of Lowes because we could still be driving around Dallas looking for patio umbrellas in the muggy, steamy night and fight with the out of control Dallas traffic. Lowes had more than their fair share of patio umbrellas. All Sissy had to do was pick one. (Not as easy as you think. If it had been me I would have grabbed the closest one regardless of the color and been done with it) That took a good while. There was green and tan, red and blue, stripped ones and printed ones, some were solid with fringe, some were really thick and would make nice shade. She finally chose a black and white printed one. It is really nice and I was thinking that my Margarita was going to taste so good and I could hardlywait.

I should have known that was wishful thinking. She had to take it out of the sling and open it, check to make sure that this one was not broken. Thankfully it wasn’t and we made it out of the store with the umbrella and headed to Cheddars for drinks and dinner. Well dinner was an after thought. We started off with 2 giant Margaritas and an order of onion rings, then decided to split a plate. I let her choose. She ordered Dijon Chicken and we split the meal. It was so good.

But I did not have the heart to tell her that my Margarita was really strong. I like stuff strong, but this was enough to put hair on my chest.  She said I had better get to drinking and I said… “Well taste it and see if it is just me but….”

She took a big old sip and said…”Well I know who has my tequilla.” She had none in her glass and I a had it all. So we became bartenders at our own table. She got an extra glass and began mixing and pouring and by the time that she got done, we had some really good Margaritas and with that, I am off here because I have this really nice buzz going on and I want to sit back and listen to some music and enjoy what is left of the night….. Sweet dreams!!


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