Really? Really Now…

I have a great nephew that is 5 years old and he is just like one of my grandkids. I pamper and spoil him rotten and this morning it was brought to my attention that me and his grandmother is making his dad mad because we give in to him.

 Well… He should tell me what I can and can’t do in the spoiling department. On the other hand he just needs to get over it.

 I spoiled his butt rotten when he was five and still do those little things for him and he did not seem to mind then, so tough titty, I am still a spoiler and that probably won’t change.

 I woke up this morning to find him cuddleing with me. He was holding my hand and he asked…”Why is your finger broken?” I cracked one eye open and said “It’s not broken, just the fingernail.”


 “Well it broke while I was washing dishes yesterday.”

 He sighed. “Are you old?”

 “Yes Baby, I am getting old.”

Another long and deep sigh….

 “But I don’t want you to be old and broken.”

 I couldn’t keep from laughing and I said “Me either” and I knew that I was up for the day.

 So when my heart is warmed by chubby little hands and a sweet smile, and eyes that are filled with love and laughter, Yes I am going to cherish these moments and if he gets spoiled, too bad. He will only be 5 once!



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