No I Don’t Know How You Feel

I just read a friend’s blog and I wanted to say something, but I did not know what to say. I couldn’t say I know how you feel, because I don’t know how she feels but I can feel empathy for her based on my own experiences and what she has shared. I feel pain for her, I feel sad for her, and her family members.

I hate it when people say… Been There, Done That…. What the f*** does that mean anyway? People may have Been There and Done Something, but it is not what I did. It is not where I was. I have not walked in her shoes, only in mine. What I did is not important, it is what she needs, her family needs that is important.

I want to reach out and say I am here for you, but really I am not. I am thousands of miles away, we do not talk by phone on a regular basis but if she was to call me and say Beth I need…….. I would move mountains to try and help her.

She is my oldest internet friend. I met her on a site years ago. She was there for me encouraging me to get myself together and I did find the strength when I felt so weak and vulnerable.  I would do no less for her.

But I do not know how to tell her this. And I can’t expect her to know this. I just hope that after I think on this awhile that I can find the right words to offer my support.

Until then I am going to be thinking of my friend and her family.


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