It Is Just Tuesday?

I feel like it should be the weekend but it is just Tuesday. I am a busy little woman this morning. So far I have washed 2 loads of clothes, played family feud, took something out for dinner tonight that is easy and quick, played Bejeweled, fed my sisters dog and cat, read the news on the internet, took my insulin and ate watermelon for breakfast, read some blogs that I followed….. You see the pattern here?

Today is cleaning day. It is my way of helping my sister out for me staying with her until I can get my own place. I am hoping for an apartment but I will settle for a small RV if need be. I am so disheartend at tmes.  I know that I am welcome here but I feel like I don’t give back as much as she is giving to me.

Her house is never dirty, so it takes me 5 minutes to do all the little jobs to maintain the house. Now vacumming is a different story.  It is a big house and I have to move all the rugs and put them back down, but hey it is a twice a week job that will take me less than a half hour to complete.

It is boring at times here alone, yet I have the freedom to read, watch tv or search stuff on the internet so I guess that I am good to go. Having all of these little jobs keeps me busy. My nephew and his little boy lives here as well and they are so quiet I barely see them. Once in a while my little man will come and we will play a game or two on his hand held devices. He actually plays and I ooooh and aaaahhh over how wonderful he is and tell him he is a great player and he is awesome and super smart and it works out for both of us.

He is almost a month younger than my grandson so I love spending time with him. He is such a sweet and good little boy. I never see him cry or throw temper tantrums or any of the things that kids his age can do. I know my Adrian can have his moments, but Landon’s nature is so mild. He entertains himsel a lot too. His father is really a quiet man. He has always enjoyed his privacy and I think that Landon takes after him. Always a smile on his face. And his eyes are always lit up with laughter. I think that I love all of the little ones in my life.

Well no more to say for now so I will get off and find something to do and enjoy my day! TTYL


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