I Hope That I Do Not Go To Jail!

But it is a possibility that I will be charged with B&E and I DID NOT DO IT!!! I am totally 100% innocent.

I finally made it back to Arkansas to get my stuff.  I had talked to the lady the week before to tell her that I was coming down and she said for me to call first. I told her that I heard that someone was living in my house and she said, “Well people shouldn’t be talking aout stuff they don’t know about. Nothing has changed.” Bu she did ask me to call first before I came.

I couldn’t find her number,I guess my phone did not save it like I had thought, but I called her brother since they talk every day and his wife to let them know that I would be there on Saturday. My first stop was next door to the owner’s house and she was not home.   I went to my house and the front windows are open and I see lights on and furniture that is not mine, so I said, “Somebody is living here.” So I leave and go to her brothers house and he is not home and so I go to where his my (MY FRIEND) worked and she she told me where I could find the man staying in my house.

The day before she had told me when I told her that I was coming, I asked if anyone was in the house and she said…. “Beth we put the word out that someone was living there so your stuff wouldn’t get stolen but no one is there.” But when I got there she told me where the man worked, which I did know that much from earlier conversations, but was told no that he left when the utilities were shut off and I was standing there realizing that the one person that I had trusted had lied to me and I did not know why.

Anyway I contacted the man and he followed me to the house. I had barely anything left. If not for my photo albums and my mothers jewelry I would have never even gone back. But I wanted what I had of that nature, only most every thing was gone. All of my good clothes and all of my perfumes and make up and that stuff was gone, but so were my tv and all of my dvds and music and I was just sick, but most of my mamas jewelry was gone and it was costume but still it was my mothers. Of course all of my jewelry was gone as well as they had drilled out the bottom of my safe and took the contents in there too, which I had taken my personal documents out of there anyway when I had my surgery in case something happend to me my daughter would have it.

At any rate I really felt violated. I would have rather have lost it all to the flood than to have it done ike this and granted all that I had and was starting over with was wal-mart and cheap stuff, but it still felt like I had been raped and this time by people that I had trusted.

I received a voice mail from the owner stating that I had broken in the house and she was pressing charges. I did not break into the house. In fact the man stayed for the most part and I left him everything but some crappy clothes, and my pots and pans and what I could take with me.  I left the rest.

So if you all do not hear from me for a while I may be sitting in jail because I do not have the money to get myself out…..

The end of another crisis in the life of Beth.


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