When It Rains

Obviouly it pours right?

Last Tuesday my niece Tiffany had a hysterectomy because when she was 16 she had cervical cancer and now 10 years later she had cancer cells so they decided that she needed to have a total hysterectomy. She came thru surgery fine, a half an hour later my sister found her blue. She had stopped breathing and it was bad. They had over dosed her on morephine and delotted (mispelled probably) and it caused her to go into respitory failure. They said that she was 2 minutes from being legally dead. Tiffany refused any kind of pain meds for hours and then only took the very minimum. She kept crying and was in so much pain. All we could do was hold her hand and try to talk to her.

My sister Linda and her husband David was besides them selve. They had to actually pull him off of her so they could work on Tiffany.

They worked on her and got her breathing again and we are grateful, but damn it it should have never happend to her. My sisters claim that the same hospital did not take my mother seriously and the reason she died was because she needed a pace maker and by the time that my sister had my mom care flighted to Dallas it was too late to save her.

Then I get up this morning to the news that my other neice Tabitha, her neice and her baby son was hit by an 18 wheeler in Sulfer Springs Tx and at the moment they are still at the hospital, but they are alright Tabby may have a broken leg and they were taking her in for more xrays because of chest pain and tightness when breathing, but the baby is alright and I am not sure about her neice yet. The 18 wheeler did not even know that he hit them at the time. Also it totaled her brand new car. But that is not important, what is important is that they are alright and it was not as bad as it could have been.

I have to close this for now but will be back later to update. TTYL


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