The Internet Hates Me

It is true, the internet is not my friend. It loses pages and posts and drives me crazy. I had to go to best buy today and purchase another charger. This computer seems to eat them like crazy. This is the 4th charger in 4 years. I have been told that my laptop is getting to the end of it’s life and that is not something that I want to hear considering that I am not social security budgeting. EEEECCCCHHHH what a hard few months.

But I have do have some good news. I went today and had my eye brows waxed and I didn’t even cry or cuss. She wasn’t gentle by any means but she wasn’t cruel like some of the places that I have been to. Then I went and had my hair cut. It is still the same length I just had a lot of layers done. It sort of reminds me of the late 70’s when the shag was in style. The girl that cut my hair did not have a clue so I just told her, honey start at the top and layer it all the way down. Turned out cute. I even got bangs!!

You would know that now that I have some time for the computer that something would happen. We have THUNDER and LIGHTENING so I guess I had better shut her down. That’s ok for now tho because I have this great series that I am reading and I am curling up and calling it a night…. Beth


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