Oh…. And My Nails

Well the storm missed us but we did have a lot of lightening around so it was probably a good thing that I shut the pc down when I did but I forgot to tell you about my nails.

 My sister is wonderful at doing the Gel Nails and she did mine last night. They are a fade in dark pink ith glitter… real girly and those of you that know me know that me and girly don’t usually mix. But I have to say that hanging around my sissie sure has some great perks!

 It is hot as blazes out there and so I am fixing to fix something cold to drink and curl up with my book. I am really tired today. I am really just wanting to take this day and do nothing, but sissie and I are going to go to the tanning salon so she can tan. (She and my other sissie are headed to Jamica in a few weeks and she wante to get a head start on her tan) and then to the grocery store. Gotta have food this week.

 I want to sit and catch up on my blog reading too, so I am going to be busy this week….


2 thoughts on “Oh…. And My Nails

  1. It’s great to read that you got out of that horrible situation in Texas and home safely. You’re brave to post about it. I’ll bet you get more support from the blogosphere than you did in the Lone Star State.

    • It is crazy isn’t it that my blog friends care more about me than my own kids. I am in Dallas at my sisters house. I am still trying to figure out what I need to do. I just still feel over whelmed at times but I will make it one way or another. I think that I am stronger than I think that I am. 🙂

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