Oh…. And My Nails

Well the storm missed us but we did have a lot of lightening around so it was probably a good thing that I shut the pc down when I did but I forgot to tell you about my nails.

 My sister is wonderful at doing the Gel Nails and she did mine last night. They are a fade in dark pink ith glitter… real girly and those of you that know me know that me and girly don’t usually mix. But I have to say that hanging around my sissie sure has some great perks!

 It is hot as blazes out there and so I am fixing to fix something cold to drink and curl up with my book. I am really tired today. I am really just wanting to take this day and do nothing, but sissie and I are going to go to the tanning salon so she can tan. (She and my other sissie are headed to Jamica in a few weeks and she wante to get a head start on her tan) and then to the grocery store. Gotta have food this week.

 I want to sit and catch up on my blog reading too, so I am going to be busy this week….


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