Starting Over Again

 I am tired of starting over again. And Again, and Again. I feel like I am homeless…. Oh wait, I am. I forgot for a minute.  BF and I have gone seperate ways. Was for the best but still hurts like hell and we are both NOT handling it well, but it is what it is.

 I am in Texas and from what I hear, my house was vandalized while I am at my daughters and took everything that I owned. I pray that the people that are supposed to be looking after my dogs are, I cannot stand the thought of them neglected or worse. What am I going to do with my dogs? I cannot bring them here.

 My cell phone died, bit the dust and crashed and burned. I have lost all of my contacts and numbers and by luck remembered a friends number, took a chance and called it and found out that someone else is living in my house.  I have got to get back there and turn off the utilities and stuff. I can barely afford to pay my bills let alone some one else’s and especially someone else that I don’t know.

 Oh I have to get off here before I start bawling again. And we all do not need that. TTYL


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