Life Changes

On the 10th of April I had surgery that was supposed to have been a 3 inch incision. Instead it is a very long incision. From breast one to Pelvic. 3o staples and a 7 day hospital stay. I left feeling so ready to conquer the world. I did so well that I was kicked out of ICU way earlier than expected. I was up and walking and the physical therapist said that I didn’t need her since I was doing well.

 I am sure that a lot of this feeling of super woman had a lot to do with the drugs that they were giving me while I was in the hospital because when I got home, I knew without a doubt that I was in trouble. I could not get in and out of bed or turn over by myself. I could barely walk to the bathroom.

 My daughter decided that I needed to be with family so I can be watched and helped since the nearest hospital where I lived was over an hour away. So here I am in Austin Texas and I have been to the hospital twice since I have been here. Once for possible infection in which they removed the staples and treated my fever and again last night since I have been having severe pain due to my daughters little dog decided to take a running leap and land in the middle of my stomach.

 There was no damage done but I can expect this to be a painful recovery. The hit bruised my muscles that are still healing,  My progress is very slow, but I am alive and that is what counts.

 There are days where I feel like I can do more than the day before, then the next day may be one where I can barely get my butt up.

 I am going to be living in Austin now. From what I hear my house was vandalized a few days ago. I am not sure what is left. I cannot even cry at this point. I feel like I have endured all that I can for the time being and I just cannot think about it. I will have to go back in a couple of weeks and see what I have or not have.

 I applied for Social Security Disability and I was approved for one part but denied another part. $280.00 a month. I love my kids, but they need their privacy. This apartment is not big enough and I feel like I am intruding and I know that I am not, but I sleep with my daughter right now and her husband sleeps on the couch.

 I have to decide what I need to do, and how to do it. Thank goodness Karyn knows how to help me with the paper work.

 I have to go for now. I am lucky that on some days here I can pick up a signal for wi fi. Take care and TTYL.


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