I am tired

I had to be at the Hospital for a CT Scan which they were going to do an IV Contrast at 10:00 this morning. I was actually early or my appointment and had a minute to discuss the procedure before I noticed this funny look on the nurses face.

” I will be right back.” she said and trotted off down the hall only to return with this man who told me that I was not going to be able to have the procedure due to the fact that the clinic did not let the hospital know that I am allergic to shellfish and Iodine and if they proceeded with the procedure then they could kill me.

We had to wait for my vascular appointment so we went down to the little area where they have food and drinks. I had a package of chips which is just what I did not need, but I ate them and checked out face book and checked out my email and then went upstairs to my appointment.

My dr. was in surgery so it was nearly 2:00 before I got to see him. They arranged for me to be drugged before my test tomorrow at 5:00 pm.

As of now I am laying up in a motel playing on my laptop and watching tv. It was 85 degrees here today and I have the a/c on. The tv is on the movie channel and I am relaxing.

We had dinner at the Waffle House and it was totally gross.  We finally just left. My hamburger was raw in the middle and we ordered a bowl of chili to split and we never got it. I sent my burger back and never saw it again. So we paid the bill and walked over to a gas station where I got a sandwich and chips to hold me over until in the morning.

I have an awesome friend who just happens to be a very expensive hair stylist and she is giving me the works before my surgery. I am getting my hair permed and cut and a manicure and pedicure. I feel a little embarrased at having her to see my feet. Right now my left foot has a large purple blotch and three of my toes are turning a horrid shade of purple too. I cannot cut my own toe nails and I really need to get them done before I let her see them.

It is a bitch getting old. It is even a bigger bitch getting old with diabetes. It is a horrible disease.

I have noticed that my eye sight is getting bad and that worries me more than anything because if there is anything that I love more than reading is being able to connect thru the internet with all of my friends. If something happens to my eyes I know that I will go nuts.

We walked over to the gas station and got something to drink. A good old fashioned mountain dew. It is so cold and good. A nice change from the usual.

I have really had a long day but I have enjoyed it for the most part. I think that getting away from the house and chilling at a motel is just what I needed. I think that I will do this more often. The next time I think that I will just cross over into Mississippi and stay at the Isle of Capri and stay the whole weekend.

I could even get one of my nights comped since I have a card and some points on it. I would love to go on up to Tunica and stay a couple of days.

Well that is todays update. I wish that I could post everyday.

We left the dogs at home and I miss them.  I feel so damn guilty. They will not know why we have not come home and I really hope that the person that is supposed to check on them and take them out to potty really does. The last time that I had to leave them alone, the man that was going to come and check on them didn’t. I don’t have to tell you what I came home too.

Gonna kick back and watch some tv. TTYL


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