Hellish Day!!

The Day From Hell

It was a day filled with plans that did not pan out from the moment that I stepped out of bed until I dropped back into it late last night and it was not a peaceful night considering my mouth is infected and hurt like a ball of fire. I took a pain pill and it didn’t even put a dent in the pain so I just had to focus and deal with it until I was able to drift off to sleep. I thought about taking a second one but I was afraid that it would make me sick so I didn’t chance it.

Once I was able to sleep I did alright until the dogs woke me up sometimes during the night to be let outside, then of course the pain started again. I am just gritting my teeth and looking at the clock, waiting for the dentist to open up and see if I can get an appt.

Yesterday as I said was terrible. It didn’t start out really bad, it was just one incident that snow balled into a mountain and ended in a huge fight. A fight that allowed us both to say things that we didn’t mean. Well alright maybe I did mean them. Knowing me as well as I do, but still it was the triggers of a frustrating day that started it all I am sure.

My appointment at the Vascular Lab was at 1:00 pm and we left here at 8:30 and at 10:30 we were like “Well what do you want to do now to pass the time away? ”  We decided to go to Lowes where he could price some of the tools he needed for work and stuff. My legs were hurting and I opted to stay in the garden center and wait on him but he said he wanted to look at some flooring so I trotted behind him and looked at power tools and so forth. We finally got to flooring and I was not impressed and said so. They had one free floating floor that was eh … ok. I was not about to commit to it tho.

We left and he decided, “Hey let’s go to the mall.”   Now mind you it, is raining cats and dogs and it was all kinds of bad. Walking out of the store, a woman was in tears and holding a blanket in the mouth of a toddler and had a screaming baby in a car seat. I seen blood and knew she was scared. The child tripped going inside the store and nearly bit his tongue off. It was litterly hanging on my a sliver.  OH Geeze, so of course I tried to help her, stop the child from screaming so she could call her husband. It was decided that she should go to the nearest hospital which was like 3 blocks from where we were instead of driving way across town to Childrens Hospital.

By the time that we got to the mall it was noon.  I said “Listen we need to be closer to the hospital so why don’t we just grab a burger somewhere and we can come back to the mall later.”  Made sense to me and he agreed so I looked to my left.  I said “Well there is Micky D’s, Burger King and Wendy’s if you want a burger, I see KFC and Taco Bell and Pizza Hut too, so you choose.”

I really did not care where we ate.  He said, “Well let’s just head towards the hospital and stop along the way.”  Ok fine. I started to turn to my left and he said rather loudly “Where are you going?”  “To the hospital, where do you think I am going?”

“That is the wrong way, you go that way and you will be going opposite of the hospital.”   Ok I have a problem getting confused in traffic and especially in places that I dont usually go to but I knew that was not the right way. But he was insistant and so I told him that if we got lost it was his fault

. “I won’t get lost, I know where I am.”

Famous last words. We were not only lost, we were hopelessly lost. Stopping 3 times to ask for directions, we finally got to a part of town that I knew and I went the way that I knew from there listening all the while that I was going in the wrong direction. He bitched and moaned that I was not going in the right direction until he spotted the exit for the hospital himself.

If I hadn’t been battleing the thunder storm with heavy rain, idiot drivers and a broken wiper blade, (yes it broke somewhere along the way) I would have RUBBED it in. But I didn’t. I didn’t have the time or energy to argue. I was just wanting to get it over with.

I then had to fight the parking garage, finally found a parking spot on the very top at employees parking and prayed that I wouldn’t get a ticket and I parked. I was dripping wet by the time that I got to the elevators and remembered I had left my jacket in the car so not only was I soaking wet, I was freezing my ass off too. Now he hurried on over to the elevators and stood staring at me as if I was walking slow just to irritate him.

Hell No, I am at the hospital to have a test done because I can hardly walk with these blockages.

Finally the elevators stop on the 3rd floor. He gets off. What are you doing? Come on, your going to be late.

Going to be late???? Honey I was late 45 minutes ago.

“This is not the right floor. I need to be on 4 not 3.”

“No it is right here, see radiology.”   Of course it was not the right place. It was on the 3rd floor of the new hospital so I had to walk and walk and walk and when I finally got to the right place they had to work me in because I had missed my appt.

Test done. No change. The blockages are not any better but they are not any worse either. By the time I got finished I was starving because I had not eaten and so he says   “Lets go to the cafeteria and get something to tide us over. We will have a nice meal later.”   Ok that worked. My mouth was hurting so I chose some mashed potatoes and gravy with a roll. He got a strawberry parfait.

By the time that I got back to the car, my feet were soaking wet due to the fact that my shoes had sprung a leak or a few leaks I should say. He needed to go to Home Depot since he didnt find what he wanted at Lowes. I was exhausted by this time and said I would be sitting in the garden center at the patio furniture when he was done. It seemed that I had just sat down when he came up and said, “Hey I want to show you something.”

I got up and followed him like a puppy to the flooring section. I did find what I was looking for and we agreed it was what we wanted for the front part of the house. By this time I had my energy back and said I wanted to look at the bathroom vanities and he said he would meet me over there when he finished with his estimate on the flooring.  I was checking out the vanities and found one that I liked but it would not work with the sink bowl that I found and the man helping me said that he would check and see if he could special order it and find out the cost. I made it clear that I was just looking, not buying. Well he could order it for $449.00 and I said….. Thanks but no thanks. It was pretty but not that damn pretty.

I met up with the BF and we trotted to the front of the store and I looked at a couple of ceiling fans and came across some good deals on cleaning supplies and so I got them and while we were checking out I said I needed to go to Wal-Mart and get some shoes because my inside seam on one shoe was out and the toe of the other was coming un done.  Wal-Mart was just right across the street and the rain was really bad. We lost power in Home Depot, the wind was blowing hard and to tell the truth I was wanting to just wait it out. I suggested that we go to the nearest Wal-Mart and it was a super center at that and I could get my shoes.

Besides I ADDED that I needed to look at a few things since I didn’t know when I would be able to get back to Wal-Mart.

But no… we ended up going to the one on the way home, which is not a super center and so I thought, well ok it is close to my favorite mexican place so on the way out I could pull in and order a couple of dinners to go. I certainly did not feel like cooking. It was already after 5:00 so when I walked in I saw all of these specials, I turned and went to get a basket and BF said…

” You don’t need a basket for shoes.”

I ignored him and he disappeared over to the shoe section. I followed and broused thru a couple of isles and found what I was looking for but I wanted Dr. Scholls and all I found were Danskin.

Cheap too.


I did not want cheap Danskin shoes for a variety of reasons.

Reason 1.  Buy a cheap shoe and that is just what your gonna get, a cheap shoe.

2.  It is important as I am a diabetic to get a good shoe.

3. I really did not like the Danskin shoe.

4. I really did not want the Danskin shoe.

But while I was trying on the shoe that I decided I wanted, he put the Danskin shoes in the basket and I said, “Well I really hadn’t made up my mind about the shoes yet” but off he went.

Alright so I can overlook the shoes.

I am not sure what bug crawled up his ass and died but alright the shoe isn’t that bad and I will get another pair later.

I stopped to look at socks. I had just bought socks a couple of weeks ago and when I got home I discovered that they were girls and are too small for me. I will take them back when I go back to the store I bought them from. So I am looking at socks and he had this totally disgusted look on his face.

I said… “What’s wrong with you?” and he said “Nothing is wrong with me.”  So I continued looking and found the ones I liked and he snatched them out of my hand and threw them in the buggy and off he trotted to the check out.

I stood there thinking WTF was that all about. I found him as he was checking out and I my temper had just boiled over.

“Did it occur to you that I am not ready to leave just yet.”

“Do you remember that I told you I had a few things I needed to check on while I was here since I never get to Wal-Mart except once a month if that?”

“Don’t you think you could have been just a little bit more considerate of my feelings and while we are at it, I do not appreciate you making my choices for me thank you very much. You can just put the damn shoes and socks back. I don’t want them.”

I went out to the car, fuming and when he got in the car he said

“Well thank you for embarrassing me in front of all of those people. I can just imagine what they thought.”

I did not take a deep breath and count to ten.

I said  “Buddy you better be more worried about what I think of you right now. I don’t give a shit about what ever anybody else thinks.”

Well it went from there. By the time I started the car and headed home, he decided he wants out of our relationship due to the fact that I embarrassed him.

I said….  “Fine, no time like the present is there, get the fuck out of my car.”

I stopped in the middle of the parking lot and said “You want out then you got it.”

Of course he didn’t get out but we did not speak all the way back home and it was a long 2 hours let me tell you.  When we got home I retrieved the receipt for the shoes and socks. I counted out 17.97 and put it on the table. It is still sitting there.

He wrote me a note that said “I am sorry that I acted like a jerk. I was just tired and I am sorry and I love you.”

I took the shoes and socks and put them on the table with a note that said…

“I am sorry that you were a jerk too but you can take these shoes and socks and shove them up your ass.”

Maybe I am being a jerk now but damn it, he was in a bad mood from the get go yesterday and I have been tolerant. I followed him around Lowes and Home Depot like a puppy and not once did I complain so he could have spared me a half hour.

I was frustrated that I missed my appointment and was late, but I didn’t act like a bitch. I could have blamed him and made an issue out of it, but I didn’t. Honestly I was frustrated as hell, but I let it go. Shit appens and that was that.

And you know what else?

I was so pissed off that I did not go by my favorite mexican place and order dinner. I came home and tossed some pork chops in the oven and a potato in the microwave and heated up some left over stirfry rice and veggies and I went to bed. If he wanted to eat then he had to finish it. I think that he was pretty damn lucky that I thought about feeding him in the first place. I could have just gone to bed and he could have fended for himself, but I didn’t.

I will see how the attitude is tonight. I am sure that it will be a lot better. We usually do not fight like this. His attitude yesterday was totally out of character for him. He has never acted like this before so I am not sure what the problem was. Perhaps he is having his PMS time or something.

Now for a change of subject…

My ex daughter in law had a dr.s appt and just called and said that she is full term, the baby is in the birthing position and she could be going into labor any time now. We are so eager for this little boy to get here. I know that he is not my grandson, but he is my grandsons little brother so he will be like mine too. I will spoil him as rotten as the rest of them. His name will be Conner James and I am hoping that she has an easy delivery.

I will ask if I can post about her and the little one on FB. If I ever get my sorry butt over to my friends house to use her internet.

I called the dentist and he is out of the office until Monday. I am afraid that I cannot last that long. I may not have a choice tho. He is the only one that is reasonable that I can afford in my area. The only other dentist is close but the last time that I went to him it was $145.00 and I do not have that much money. But I might need to go so I can get antibotics and something for pain.

I received my garden catalog in the mail and have been plotting my gardens. At the side of my house I have a shaded area where I will have a patio table and chairs. My friend gave me some blocks so they will be gorgeous out there. The 8’x 4′ area I have planned will be filled with mixed foxglove, lady fern, bleeding heart, mixed primrose and amethyst astible. It is perfect for shade and deer resistant.

In the back I will have several garden areas because it is a very big area.  A 6’x 12′ area will have an abundance of what I already named above along with some specialty flowers. Variegated Weigela for my birds, carpet lily in two toned shades of pink, gaillardia mix of red and yellow will look great with some zebra grass and I found some Japanese Forest grass that I just have to have and some ferns.  I have some day lillies that survived the flood and are growing wild so I will let them be.

I will transplant some cane and add hot spots of color along with a couple of benches and solar lights and a few bird feeders so they will leave the flowers to the bees and butterflies.  This is my plan, this week after the rain stops I am going out with my camera and take some pictures. It is really a big mess out there.

The flood really did a number on the yard and then the city sent out some prisoners to clear some trees and underbrush to be able to run a new sewer line out back, so all that brush has to be cleaned up and burned, and of course if it dries up enough so we can get back there and get the wood so we can have firewood for next winter.  By summer I hope to have a beautiful back yard. I found a blue spruce that will grow in my area and I am going to get it when I can. I have big plans.

The front yard is not going to be an easy fix either since the flood killed everything out there except the cane I had growing. But it faces the east so I will have a lot of morning sun. I don’t have a vision for it yet. The reason is that we are adding a deck to the front of the house and our main water line has to be moved and I want that done and the deck finished before I can really landscape it. I have a lot of ideas but it is time and money and I will have to do it all a little at a time.

Well I guess I need to get off here and see if I can borrow my friends internet. I will TTYL.

UP Date… Well things are good on the home front again. Groveling was done in style. He is forgiven at least for now lol…. TTYL


2 thoughts on “Hellish Day!!

  1. God! What a day you had!!!

    BTW – I keep meaning to ask you – what size shoes do you wear? I’m fixing to get rid of a bunch of mine and would be happy to send them your way if you were an 8 or 8.5…

    • Dang it, just my luck that I have a size 7 foot!! But you don’t know how very much I would have appreciated those shoes!!!
      I am laying up in a motel right now. I plan to email you while I have the computer internet access! Warning tho, it will probably be a long email.
      Got stuff to tell you!!

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