New Charger On Order

I ordered a new charger for my laptop and it will be in within 7 to 10 business days. So I am stuck at the library a little longer and I feel so out of place because I at least had things that I was doing on my laptop that didn’t require the internet and I am biting my fingernails in frustration.

My laptop is my addiction. I thought that it was chocolate, but it isn’t. I thought that it would be, but it is my computer and my cell phone. My cell phone is keeping me from going insane at the moment. I changed my password and now my phone will allow me to access FB so that is good. I wish I had a better phone because it would be nice to be able to play words or see video’s.

I am checking on a friend today.  He works for the water department and I was told last night that he was attacked by a dog yesterday. He is a meter reader and we are all supposed to keep our dogs registered and kept up and so many people don’t and now my friend is attacked and if they cannot find the owner of this dog, if no one claims him then my friend will have to under go rabie shots.

This is sad, most of my minutes is up…. gotta go. TTYL


2 thoughts on “New Charger On Order

    • Hi Kathy,
      Hot chocolate sounds good to me. You know me and anything chocolate is great any time of the day. My friend is alright. He had to have some stitches but the dog was up to date on his shots so he does not have to take the rabies series. I went to Best Buy today with a girl friend and she bought a new computer and I looked around for a while. Had lunch at Chili’s and now I am home. I am going to go and check out that site that you were talking about. I am anxious to do something fun on the pc today. Have a good day.

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